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Sherwin Williams and PPG are two of the largest paint manufacturers in the world. While their products are certainly similar in quality, there are some key differences that are worth mentioning. Today we will break down some of the top-tier products between these two companies and see which is best for you between Sherwin Williams and PPG. 

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Sherwin-Williams and PPG have a huge range of products, but today we will be focusing on their top three interior products. We will cover their exterior options in another post. Today we will look at: 

Sherwin Williams



Superpaint is Sherwin William’s entry-level premium product, and it’s most comparable to Hi-Hide. Both of these products are solid choices for affordable and high-quality paint. However, there are a few distinct differences. For one, Hi-Hide has far better coverage than Superpaint, which means you will need less paint to finish painting. 

Not only that, but its ceramic matte finish makes it more durable, which makes it a great option for anyone with kids or for walls that are in high-traffic areas. The ceramic finish also makes it easier to wash. 


These are the middle-grade options from the two companies, and again they are both very high-quality products. What ultimately distinguishes them is once again the coverage and finish. Prominence gets far more coverage than Duration. However, because more Duration is needed for maximum coverage, it tends to “shell up” better, creating a smoother finish. 


These are the top-of-the-line premium products from these two companies. Regardless of which you choose, you will have a premium and durable finish that will last you for years to come. However, there are still some differences to note. Emerald is a little bit more durable than Ultralast, and Ultralast has a strong odor while you are applying it. 

Ultralast is a bit cheaper than Emerald, but Emerald is our favorite paint product. We highly recommend using it over anything else, especially if your contractor can get a good price on it (like we can). 


Both of these companies have great products, but a lot of times the decision comes down to price. Generally speaking, PPG’s products are notably more cost-effective than Sherwin-Williams’ products. That makes them a better value overall, especially if you are looking for a product with impressive coverage and durability for the price like Hi-Hide. 

That isn’t the case between UltraLast and Emerald, though. Both of these products are priced very similarly at full retail prices, so there isn’t any value saved one way or the other. However, contractors get special discount pricing on products, so you may be able to get something like Emerald for quite a bit cheaper. 

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