Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint vs PPG Hi-Hide

PPG and Sherwin Williams have two great products (Hi-Hide and Superpaint, respectively). Both of these are the entry-level premium selections for the two paint giants, but which one is better for you and your project? 

We pitted them side by side to see which product is best, and the results may surprise you. Here’s everything we found when we compared Superpaint vs Hi-Hide.

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Both of these products apply very well. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since these are both premium products. Neither of them are overly runny, and both of them dry to a smooth and even coat. Superpaint tends to splatter a bit more, but that’s a marginal difference and depends greatly on user application. 

The winner: Tie


Hide refers to a paint’s ability to mask (or “hide”) blemishes and imperfections on the surface. Of course, hide is also affected by the sheen. The higher the sheen, the more apparent the blemishes.

Both of them do this quite well, but this category tips in Hi-Hide’s favor. It’s literally in the name. The way the paint covers and settles over blemishes gives the wall a smooth-looking finish. 

The winner: Hi-Hide


Coverage is acceptable on these, but there is a clear winner. Superpaint is estimated to cover 250-400 square feet per gallon, whereas Hi-Hide is guaranteed to cover closer to 400 square feet, and it lives up to that stat. Hi-Hide handily outperforms Superpaint in this area, which translates to you doing a whole lot more with a lot less. 

Hi-Hide takes this one by a mile.

The winner: Hi-Hide


Durability refers to the paint’s ability to stand up to rough treatment. A lot of this also depends on the paint’s sheen, since it can be an extra layer of protection. It’s a toss-up between these two in that department. 

Hi-Hide was more likely to burnish in our testing. On the other hand, Superpaint isn’t as scrubbable, which makes it harder to clean without taking the paint off. 

Hi-Hide also has a unique ceramic matte finish that makes it more durable without making the paint glossy. In that one instance, Hi-Hide outperforms Superpaint, but that’s only if you use that specific product. 

For our purposes, we will call this one a tie.

The winner: Tie


Price can vary depending on how you acquire the paint. Buying it yourself is always going to be more expensive because contract painters have special discounts on product. Overall, though, Hi-Hide is significantly cheaper than Superpaint. When you combine that with great coverage and equitable durability and quality, Hi-Hide is a great value that punches above its weight class. 

The winner: Hi-Hide


This may seem like an odd factor, but it’s worth mentioning. The availability of either of these paints will obviously vary depending on where you live and what stores are near to you. But in Indiana, (where Heritage Custom Painting is located), there are Sherwin Williams stores everywhere, but there are only a handful of PPG ones. 

That means getting your hands on Hi-Hide could prove difficult unless you live near a PPG store. Whatever savings you get from Hi-Hide could easily be eaten up by the time and effort used to acquire it. 

If you’re looking for the most convenient option, Superpaint is the best choice (at least in Indiana).

The winner: Superpaint

And those are our results in the comparison between Superpaint vs Hi-Hide. Between the two, Hi-Hide seems like the ideal option for most people. It has great coverage, and the ceramic matte finish offers solid durability. It’s also notably cheaper per gallon, but it may take some extra work to find. Superpaint is still a great product if you prefer that brand and it’s more widely available to most people. 

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