Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs PPG Ultralast

We continue comparing the best premium paints as we look at Sherwin Williams Emerald vs PPG Ultralast. These are the top products from these manufacturers, and each has unique properties. We compare the coverage, durability, and price to see which is best for you and your home. 

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Coverage refers to how much square footage paint will cover per gallon. The higher the coverage, the farther the paint will go. Sherwin Williams Emerald is rated for 350-400 square feet per gallon, but in our field experience, that number is actually closer to 300 square feet. PPG Ultralst is also rated for 350-400 square feet, and in our testing, that proves to be the case. 

That means by the numbers PPG Ultralast outperforms Sherwin Williams Emerald on coverage. However, sheer coverage is only part of the story. While you may cover a wall in less paint, multiple coats allow the product to shell up properly and become more durable. 

In this contest between Sherwin Williams Emerald vs PPG Ultralst, the former comes out on top. 

Winner: PPG Ultralast


Both of these products are incredibly durable and will be great options for projects in high-traffic areas. They also have mold and mildew-resistant agents in the formula, making them the perfect paints for bathrooms and other humid areas. 

We tested these products by scuffing them with our feet, burnishing them, and even scrubbing a magic eraser on them. Magic erasers are particularly bad, as they eat away at the paint. Read this blog post for tips on how to clean painted surfaces.

Both of these products held up remarkably well to the testing, even though they weren’t fully cured when we tried damaging them. Ultralast was slightly more prone to burnishing, but both of them performed admirably.

We are giving Sherwin Williams Emerald the edge here, as it seemed to hold up just that much better. Both of these products are rated to last for ten years or more. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Emerald


Sherwin Williams Emerald retails for $75, and PPG Ultralast retails at $70. This makes the two products very similar price-wise, with just a slight edge toward Ultralast. However, convenience is a factor to consider. Depending on where you live, one of these products might be more widely available. In Indiana, where we are located, Sherwin-Williams is more widely available, and therefore Emerald is a bit easier to get our hands on. The extra $5 is well worth the convenience. 

Contractor pricing is also worth considering too. Since contractors buy so much paint, they can more often than not get a significant discount on product. That means they can get premium products like Sherwin-Williams Emerald at a greatly reduced price. If that’s the case, it may be well worth leaning into Emerald if the price is right. 

Because of these factors and the negligible difference in price, we think this category is basically a tie. 

Winner: Tie


If you read any of our other blog posts, you will know that we love Sherwin Williams Emerald. It’s a long-lasting, durable paint that will hold its color for years. PPG Ultralast is also all those things, though Emerald just edges it out in durability. Combine that with the nominal cost differences, and there isn’t much reason in our minds to break away from Emerald. 

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