Heritage Custom Painting is a growing family-owned business that has continually operated for more than 14 years with 5 current locations and more planned. We specialize in interior and exterior painting with an innovative process focused on communication, quality results, and client satisfaction. 

What You Need To Know

  • We Follow PCA Standards and Guidelines
  • We Are Fully Insured
  • We are a Full-Fledged Company With a Dedicated and Responsive Commercial Team

When Heritage Custom Painting accepts a commercial job, we understand that timing, communication, and quality are everything. That’s why our crews are trained to the high standards outlined by the Painting Contractors Association. We are also fully insured so our clients are never liable if anything goes wrong. 

What really sets Heritage Custom Painting apart, though, is our innovative processes that guarantee a high-quality result. 

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Properly maintaining a commercial development has regularly occurring costs, and it can be a lot to juggle all the maintenance a single building needs. That’s where our Capital Maintenance Program comes in.

Work with our commercial consultants to develop a plan, and our crews can regularly maintain the paint quality on your property. Don’t wait for things to hit a breaking point. Enroll in the Capital Maintenance and Improvement Program and never think about it again.


Our teams are quality and results-driven, and Heritage Custom Painting has a number of processes that guarantee exceptional and consistent results. We aren’t just a couple of guys with some paint cans. Rather, we are a service company with a vision to transform the client experience for commercial projects. 

The way we accomplish that is with our tried and true processes. Our crews are educated on a start-to-finish checklist to deliver the same top-of-class results on every project. Our project managers provide clients with a weekly progress report so you are always in the know about your project. 

Lastly, Heritage has a dedicated commercial team to answer questions and solve problems. Communication is one of the things that sets Heritage apart, and there will always be someone available to answer your call. These layers of communication, from office admins to project managers and crew leaders, create an experience that is smooth, stress free, and never leaves you asking “what’s going on?”


Heritage Custom Painting doesn’t chase one-and-done contracts. We are more interested in forming a lasting relationship with our clients, and our proven process and excellent communication are testaments of that commitment. We have a partnership approach with our clients, and we aim to work together to achieve the project’s goals. 

Relationships are part of our core values, and the HERITAGE values are the backbone of our company. Every employee, from the office staff to painters, embodies these qualities:








Emotional intelligence


After you meet with a consultant and receive your estimate, we move onto the staging section of the project. If needed, you can meet with our in-house color consultant to help find the perfect colors for your project, and we provide color renderings for exterior projects. 

Once your colors are picked, it’s time to begin preparation. We have great relationships with the top painting manufacturers, including PPG and Sherwin-Williams. Our significant purchasing power means we can get products at an affordable rate that is passed on to you. 

From there, our crews will arrive on site and begin prepping. We always remember the 3 Ps:

  • Planning and staging
  • Protection
  • Preparing

Our teams arrive to every job prepared to start immediately, and the first thing they will do is prep the surfaces for painting. We will also prep the surrounding areas to avoid accidental spills or splatters. 

When the job is done, the final written evaluation is performed with the 3 Cs in mind:

  • Consistency
  • Clean up
  • Communication 

The checklist is designed to make sure every area meets the same standard of quality, as well as make sure clean up is efficient. We want the area to be in a better condition than when we came in. This checklist is also another means of communication to show the client all the work that was completed. 

Now that you understand Heritage Custom Painting and what sets us apart, it’s obvious why we continue to grow and expand into new territories. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our website and read our blog, where we answer a myriad of questions about residential and commercial painting. 

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