Improve the appearance of your home before we book out for the season!

As the saying goes, “first impressions last!” It also applies to the exterior of your house. Everyone loves to see a presentable home in any neighborhood.

That’s why Heritage Custom Painting offers exterior painting services around the greater Indianapolis area. Painting your exterior is the most effective way to protect your home and improve its appearance.

Learn how our services can help property owners like you.

For More Information:

Exterior Painting Season In Indiana

Indiana has a limited season for painting houses. That’s because the weather needs to cooperate for your paint job to turn out in a satisfying way.

Our exterior season goes from about April to October every year. Our exterior season is highly weather-dependent. We have to work around rain showers, high winds and other seasonal obstacles.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Whether it’s a first coating or a repainting service, we are happy to provide exterior painting services around the area.

Before we start the painting process, we perform exterior painting preparation first. This way, we give you the best value for your investment.

In a nutshell, the preparation takes more time compared to the actual painting itself.

It includes removing the contaminants, washing the surface, making necessary repairs, removing peeling paint, sanding for adhesion, and priming.

Heritage Custom Painting also recommends the best quality paint for your individual project.

As experts, we say every hour we spend on prep days prolongs your exterior paintwork for years.

Exterior Painting Services

Getting the best exterior house paint in Indianapolis, Indiana, protects your house against wind, rain, hail, and snow.

The longer you let your house’s surfaces be exposed, the more expensive the repair cost becomes.

We recommend you not delay and paint your home as soon as it shows paint failure. Let the paint do its job to protect your home.

Exterior Carpentry Services

Heritage Custom Painting Offers Exterior Carpentry Services as part of the exterior painting project package.

Our experienced carpenters can replace rotting soffits, facial, trim, and siding.

Many times we discover areas that need attention during the preparation phase of the project. We bring the area to your attention so you can approve the carpentry services.

Product selection is key to painting brick or other masonry surfaces. Using the wrong products results in rapid paint failure including color burn, early peeling, and cracking.

High volume application and technique are critical to ensure the paint product adheres to the surface.

Home, Garage, And Shutters

Give a fresh look for your home, together with your garage and shutters!

As full-service interior painters, we serve residential and commercial customers who are still satisfied with the results. Whether you need repainting or recently finished your dream house, our team can help you achieve a quality look.

Older Home Restoration

Let us restore the coziness of your older home!

Our team has the expertise and tools to help you learn to love our home again.

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It’s time for a professional exterior painting job for your property in Indiana.

Our team of experts knows how to apply the best exterior house paint for excellent value.

We can also help you find a good schedule that fits your current situation.

Contact us, and let’s talk about your home’s details to provide you with a free estimate.

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