The Best Brown Paint Colors for Home Exteriors

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French Roast is without a bout one of the best brown paint colors Sherwin-Williams makes. It’s dark red untertone gives it a warm and relaxing quality, which makes it the perfect option for living spaces or if you want any room to feel particularly cozy.

It’s also a great option for commercial buildings that want to have a sophisticated and high-end look.

While it’s a great main color, it may also be too dark for some people’s taste. We think French Roast really shines as an accent color. Look at this example from one of our clients where they used the color on their shutters and door. It provides a lot of contrast with the lighter blue of the siding while still providing a complementary accent.


If you’re more interested in light brown paint colors, Desert Dune from PPG is an excellent choice. This light khaki color is great for exteriors because of its warm undertone. That means it will pop when the sun is out and the morning and evening sunlight won’t wash the color out.

Our client below used it on the wood siding on their home, and the natural tone complemented the brick siding and dark trim very well!


If you’re looking for a nice mid-tone brown, we recommend Smokehouse from Sherwin-Williams. This paint has a strong gray undertone that makes it neutral enough for nearly any environment. It pairs well with warm and cool colors, which makes it a great option for exteriors as well.


On the lighter side we have Mega Greige from Sherwin-Williams. This is a very light brown color, and it is one of the best brown paint colors for exteriors because of its light tone and universal appeal. Mega Greige pairs well with light or dark accents, which is perfectly highlighted by the project below, which utilizes light trim with dark window shutters.


If you are a fan of rich dark brown colors, than Turkish Coffee is an excellent option for you. This is an excellent color for interior spaces if you’re looking for something classy and sophisticated. The color pairs well with light accents that will add a lot of contrast.

Turkish Coffee is also a great option if you’re looking for a functional color on commercial buildings, such as this metal shed we recently painted for a client.


Which color is best for you depends largely on the look you are going for. Are you looking for something bold and upscale? Maybe a dark brown will work well for you. Are you looking for a natural tone that will match wood siding? A lighter shade will probably work better than.

As for paint product, there are a number of excellent exterior paints on the market that will keep your home looking great for years to come.


There are hundreds of unique shades of brown, and no one are alike. The shade of brown (or any color for that matter) depends on the exact pigments in the formula as well as the amount of white or black pigment.

Every paint manufacturer has its own brown color selection, but paint stores can generally match their competitors’ paint colors. If you love a particular color from Sherwin-Williams, a PPG store can match the color almost exactly.

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