The Pay At Closing Policy

Making our realtor partners and their clients’ lives easier is one of our top priorities at Heritage Custom Painting. That’s why we are introducing an exciting new policy that will get the work done faster, and that’s the most important thing for any real estate professional. 

As anyone in the real estate business can tell you, there are a lot of hands on any given property while it is listed. As such, realtors are often juggling the needs of their clients, contractors fixing the home up, as well as the new buyers. 

Does that sound familiar to you? And the worst part is that everything becomes more complicated when money starts to change hands. 

We have a solution for you, though, and it’s going to make painting a client’s interior or exterior so much easier moving forward.

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Realtor clients will now have the option to pay at closing! This allows us to get in and do the work when it’s most convenient for the client, and they only have to worry about painting when they have the cash flow from selling the home.

This initiative will clear up any hassles or communication issues between Heritage Custom Painting and our realtor partners, and it establishes a more clear cut timeline about when things are due.


If your client would like to hold off payment, they will have to sign an agreement we will send out with the regular painting contract. It’s also important that they know the title company is the one writing the check. All of those details and more are in the agreement. 

If you have any other questions about the Pay At Closing Policy, just talk to one of our project consultants about it!

These programs have been added in addition to ones our clients know and love, including our complementary color consulting and virtual rendering services.

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