Can Heritage Painting help me pick my colors?

Collecting colors from clients can be the hardest part of what we do. Many clients simply freeze up when it’s to select a color, and often they are too busy to even think about it. Even though they called us to assist with their painting needs, actually making this decision can be very difficult for them. 

That’s understandable. Any changes to your home can feel dramatic. It’s like dying your hair. It’s shocking at first, and it’s difficult to actually take the next step. 

That’s why many paint contractors will run from an opportunity when their client needs help with color. We’ve had clients say straight to us, “We chose you because you were the only ones willing to help us select our colors.” 

In all honesty, we love helping clients find the right color for their homes, and that’s why we want the process to be pain-free. 

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How we can HELP YOU with color consulting

Once you have chosen us as your painting contractor, we will identify where you are at in the color selection process.  

Direction – Some clients simply need to know where to go and select a color. We recommend that you select a color provided by the paint manufacturer that will be used to paint your project.  

Match –  Some clients need us to match a surface in their home so they can identify what the color is. We have all of the tools on the market to help make this smooth and easy, and we will gladly make an extra trip to identify what that color is. Sometimes getting a match is just that simple. Sometimes it requires you to dig out your old paint in the basement, garage, or storage (even if it is old and dried up or frozen). We will take that paint can to the paint store where we will be purchasing the product so we can get a match.  We will then need to get final approval on the match so you are completely satisfied.  

Samples – Getting a sample is one of our favorite added-value pieces to our color consulting services. Why? Because we have thousands of samples in our shop that we are ready to bring to your home to show you what it will look like in your space.  

We can bring you a simple Color Book Sample, snail-mail you an 8”x10”or 8”x8” (depends on the manufacturer) sample from the manufacturer, or even paint a little sample on the wall for you. If we don’t have the right paint, we will get it at no extra cost to you and add it to our collection.  

Consultation –  What if you need help from someone just to confirm what you have selected? Or help you start from scratch? NO PROBLEM! We have gifted, skilled, and trained professionals and designers. They can meet with you in person or virtually to help you be 100% confident about your color choices so you know your investment was not a mistake. Instead, you will fall in love with your home again. 

Rendering – Last year we rolled out our Virtual Rendering services for exterior projects. Our clients found it tremendously helpful to actually visualize the color on their home, and it makes color selection that much simpler and faster. 

Our conversations about color don’t end here. We will always be prepared to talk to you about your colors because it’s important to us that you fall in love with your home again. Selecting the right color is the most critical part of that, and we want to make this process as fun and painless as possible for our clients. 

If you have been on the fence about getting your home interior or exterior painted, now is the perfect time to schedule an estimate. Our spring and summer season is in full swing, and you will want to book soon to get on this year’s calendar. Fill out the form below to sign up for a free estimate, and we will book a time for a consultant to help you fall in love with your home again.

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