Popular Gray Colors For Home Interiors

We often get asked about the popular gray colors that we use. Grays are very common selections for homeowners to use on their walls. When choosing a gray color, it is important to see that color in your own space, as it may look different in your home compared to another space. 

Another good piece of advice is to look at the paint at different times of the day. All colors, not just gray, will pull towards warm or cool depending on the type of light hitting it. Sherwin Williams’ Lazy Gray (SW 6254) is a great example. During the day it has an excellent gray quality,  but it can pull towards purple in the evening time. Seeing paint during every period of the day will give you a better idea of how it will look at all times in your home.

With that in mind, here are a few of the popular gray colors we find ourselves using.

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These colors tend to pull towards a warm gray depending on the lighting. Repose Gray is a perfect example of a color that will look one way under one type of lighting and then completely different under another. It can be a very tricky color because of the number of undertones in it which include gray, beige, brown, and some purple/blue (which makes it pull cool at times).

 All in all, these are great options if you want a very neutral tone in the space. It’s ideal for condos or for anyone hoping to neutralize the space if you want to sell your home. As they are warm tones, these are also excellent selections for the living room or kitchen because it adds a cozy atmosphere to the home.


These options are very popular and often chosen by homeowners because of how neutral it is. This color is soft and warm, and it has more of a greige (gray-beige) feel to it. All in all, these colors lean a bit cooler, but like the options above, that also depends on the lighting. Under cooler lighting it may have some hints of violet or green to it. Then in warmer lighting you may see it pull toward yellow.

Cool tones like the ones above are great for bedrooms because they create a sense of restfulness, perfect for going to sleep. 


With these colors, you will find some more depth than the other two commonly selected grays, and they are a little darker. Like any color, it has undertones that allow light to reveal certain colors within it at times, but these colors are some of the “truest” grays that we commonly use for our homeowners. 

These are the most common selections for homeowners that are looking for a true gray for their kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. These colors are popular with homeowners that want a true gray tone but also a fair amount of contrast between the wall and trim. 

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