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This article originally appeared in Indy Real Producers.

What are stain conversions? A stain conversion is when we transform stained wood into a painted surface. The best example of this is when our clients want to take their stained wood trim and turn it into freshly painted white trim to update the look of their home. Another big item that we complete stain conversions for is stairwell systems. 

In fact, we just recently completed a stairwell conversion for an important someone that most of you probably know from this very magazine. If you see him, make sure to say hello to Remington Ramsey and compliment his beautiful home transformation. We recently converted not only his trim from stained wood to white, but also his stairwell system to give his home a modern, elegant, and exquisite look. 

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Stain conversions are incredibly in-depth as far as the process goes, and it’s important to trust the company that is completing that line of work for you. If done incorrectly, you could see peeling and chipping in the coming months. You may even notice weird coffee-like stains coming through the paint. These are called tannin stains, and they appear when the wood is not properly sealed with the correct primer. Both are ultimately irreparable without stripping the item in entirely. That will end up surpassing the cost of replacing it altogether. 

What does the process look like you may ask? We begin by cleaning and degreasing any areas needed, lightly sanding, and applying a coat of Sherwin Williams Shellac primer. Then we will sand the surface smooth and apply two finish coats of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel. Altogether, it’s a three-coat system to ensure durability and that your transformation will be a long-lasting one. 


Here at Heritage Painting, we feel fortunate when clients trust us to complete their stain conversions. That’s especially true when we are completing whole home stain conversions such as Remington’s. We understand that trust is hard to come by with any person, whether that is because it’s a large project, their first hired project, or that someone has had an awful experience in the past with another company. 

Heritage doesn’t take for granted the amount of trust stain conversions require. With that being said, thank you, Remington, for trusting Heritage Painting with your home. We look forward to helping more clients such as yourself! 

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