The Best Colors For Bedrooms (And The Worst)

There are so many options to choose from when selecting paint colors for bedroom, but which ones should you use? That’s the real question. 

Many of our clients don’t realize that there are “do’s and dont’s” when picking a color for their bedroom. It’s not just a matter of simply liking a color and going with it. Even if you don’t plan on sleeping in it, choosing the right color is important if you plan on selling your home later. 

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Color affects a multitude of things such as mood, which can then influence our sleep patterns. 

Think about it. If you’re anxious, sad, angry, or just overall irritable, then you will have a difficult time falling asleep and remaining asleep compared to if you were calm and happy. 

When you wake up the goal is to feel refreshed and recharged from the day prior. We all like to start out on a good note for the day and that begins with how we sleep. 


The best colors for sleep include blue, green, light pink, white, and beige. These colors promote calmness, peace, tranquility, simplicity, comfort, trust, and even stability. 

If we think deeper about these colors, then we realize that blue can be associated with the calming nature of the sky or ocean. The color, white, gives us the feeling of being clean and neat, which can make us feel at ease. That’s why it’s a popular choice in more than just bedrooms

Green promotes peace, but not just any green can do that though! A lighter green color such as sage is best for achieving that feeling. Bright green can be overwhelming and stimulating. Check out our comparison between the Color of the Year choices from the top brands to learn more about some excellent light green options. 


The worst colors for sleep are red, purple, black, orange, and brown. These colors may be an excellent choice for another room because they can provoke feelings of creativity and power. However, for a bedroom, they can cause feelings of anger, sadness, and fear. 

Some of these colors even increase energy levels, which can make someone excited and even anxious. Other feelings include tension, isolation, and depression. 

Who would’ve thought so much detail would go into choosing a bedroom color!  Embrace the best bedroom colors that allow you to start your day off the best way possible. 

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