3 Reasons Why People Paint Their Kitchen Cabinets White

The thought of remodeling your kitchen keeps circling your mind. You see a beautiful kitchen in a magazine or at your friend’s house, but have no idea where to start with your own home. Well, we can help you. Here at Heritage Painting we are experts at transforming kitchens. 

There are a dizzying amount of options available for kitchen cabinets, and the color choices vary widely depending on the style you are going for and the trending colors of the year. However, the most popular option by and far is white for kitchen cabinets. It’s a clean and timeless look that is both inviting and refreshing to look at. But why has it remained so popular over the years?

There are three main reasons for that. Let’s break them down. 

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That might seem like a paradox at first, but if you really think about it you can understand why it’s true. Whenever someone is hesitant about painting their kitchen cabinets white, it is usually because they are worried that dirt and stains will be more prominent. 

Well, that’s true, and it’s exactly why white is a great option for cabinets. If it’s easier to spot messes, then it is easier to properly clean them. Since food is prepared in the kitchen, making sure it is clean keeps it safe and comfortable for everyone. In other words, you should want your kitchen to actually be clean, not just look clean. White cabinets will make that easier. 

Of course, you want to make sure you understand the proper way to clean painted cabinets.


You may not realize it, but the colors around your home help set the tone for your house and create the mood. If an area is yellow it speaks words of happiness. Blue is the color of the ocean and sky so it represents peace and calmness.  White represents cleanliness and perfection, so what better place is there for white than the kitchen? Since it is a neutral tone, white is also very soothing to look at. That’s important if you want your kitchen to have an inviting atmosphere. 


This is arguably the most important factor, especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

Not only does white bring purity and cleanliness, it brightens up a space and makes it feel bigger. With a coat of premium white paint, a room will instantly feel more spacious. 

There is a little science behind this trick. White is light-reflective, which means most of the light that strikes it bounces right back off. The darker a color is, the more light it absorbs, but brighter colors reflect more light. In order to gain the most light, select the lightest colors possible. Naturally, that makes white the perfect option since it reflects more light than any other color. 

If you’re interested in getting your kitchen cabinets painted, take some time to learn more about how kitchen cabinet quotes work. You will also want to read up more on how to choose the right contractor for the job. 

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