What is the Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets?

Finding the right paint for kitchen cabinets is critical because the product must be durable. Kitchen cabinets are more likely to be dinged and scuffed than other surfaces, and they are regularly cleaned as part of the kitchen’s routine maintenance. So, finding a paint that is hardy and durable is essential to make the finished product last for years to come.

The best paint to use on kitchen cabinets is the Williams Gallery series. This is a brand-new product from Sherwin-Williams, and our hands-on testing has shown it applies nicely, is incredibly durable, and stands up to typical kitchen cleaning products.

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The Gallery Series is designed for spray application, which provides the most even and consistent finish. The product is also KCMA tested and approved, which means it has been through rigorous testing for quality assurance.

What is really impressive about the Gallery series is its stain resistance. That’s obviously important for any kitchen, and the stain resistant formula makes the cabinet easy to clean and maintain. 

In the past, we have used Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua, Emerald Urethane, and PPG Breakthrough.

However, Kem Aqua had consistent issues with cracking because the lacquer base was overly hard for the purpose. Emerald Urethane and Breakthrough are great products, but they don’t come anywhere close to the Gallery Series’ factory-like finish.

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