Why Use Professional Services When I Can Just Do It Myself?

In short, professional home services can save you a lot of time and effort. They could even save you some money or opportunity cost. Let me explain.

Recently it was time to get rid of an old treadmill. Full disclosure, we burned more calories installing the treadmill than we ever did while using the treadmill. It was a lot of work to carry it out and take it to the dump, and I had to borrow a pickup truck, put gas in it, and pay the dumping fee.  Not to mention the inconvenient hours the dump had, which forced me to take time off work.  

When I mentioned this to my friend Bennet Grove from Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, he said, “Well, you know you could have just called us.”  

Bennett was right; I could have saved myself the hassle, backache, and time. His crews showcase why using professional services is so easy. If I had used Fire Dawgs, it would have taken less than an hour of my time.  

So learn from my mistakes, and consider these reasons for why you should hire professional home services when you need work done.

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A professional crew knows how to do the job right, and they know how to do it efficiently while protecting your property. Bennett’s crews would not have scratched and dinged the walls when they got frustrated trying to make the turn to go up the stairway, like I did. 

Professional home services are, well, professional. Whether its junk removing or painting, you’re dealing with people who know how to do the project. They don’t have to look up how-to’s on YouTube or go back and fix all their mistakes. A professional crew will get it right the first time.

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal would have also spent a fraction of the time doing the work. I cost myself more money doing it myself than simply hiring them. Which leads me to the next point.


We usually try to do something ourselves because we want to save money, but in reality the time invested could actually be a lot more. That’s what “opportunity cost” is.  Just think about all the other things you could have done instead of sinking your time into a complex project.

Here’s a good example for you. A few years ago, one of our crews painted our kitchen cabinets. I had the skills and tools to complete the project. What I didn’t have were the efficient 168 hours it took to for the project to be done right. 

My hours would have been very inefficient with all of the additional setup and tear-down time as I tried to complete the project in the evenings and weekends. My wife was not keen on having the kitchen torn up for weeks on end as I struggled through the project.

Not only do professional services save you time from doing the project, they can also get it done more efficiently. Why waste several days or weeks of your life when a crew can do it in a fraction of the time?

Lesson learned, if I had used Fire Dawg Junk Removal, it would have been faster, less hassle, and cheaper after factoring in taking time off work. If you want to learn more about hiring a contractor, check out our blog on the 6 things you need to do when hiring a contractor.

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