How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Our project consultants take several factors into consideration when pricing a kitchen cabinet system.  

Painting kitchen cabinets is a very labor intensive process.   The cabinet surfaces are sanded three times during the process.  All the hardware, doors and drawers are removed.  The kitchen is wrapped up like a birthday present.  The doors, drawers and faces are cleaned three times removing all dust from the sanding.  All surfaces are sprayed three times.  The Hardware is reinstalled.  Doors and drawers are put back in their spots.  The kitchen is unwrapped and you have a factory-like finish on the kitchen cabinets.  

Heritage Custom Painting has timed how long it takes the labor portion of painting kitchen cabinets.  The Project Consultants count the doors, drawers to determine how long it will take to protect, prep and paint the cabinets.  

The project consultant will go over the additional options available for a cabinet project, for example filling hardware holes or adding additional colors to the cabinets.  

Another option available is painting bathroom vanity cabinets.  This is a great time to do the vanities because the system set up allows them to be painted at a discounted price when combined with the kitchen cabinets.  

Once the Project Consultant has properly determined the scope and gathered the dimensions of the kitchen cabinets they are able to give you a price.  The average price of kitchen cabinets ranges from four to six thousand dollars.  Large systems can cost even more. 

To learn more about Heritage Custom Painting and our values, read the six C’s of Heritage Painting.

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