The Six C’s of Heritage Painting

Call – We will answer your phone call.  In today’s market, we all know the challenge of working with home service companies who don’t answer their phone. So not only will we respond when you call the first time, but we will answer your call through to the end of the project.  See, we have two core values that drive this.  

  • One, we value long-term client relationships. So if you are looking for only a transaction, there is a good chance we are not your guy. 
  • The second core value is Excellence.  We want to communicate with excellence, meaning we work super hard to make ourselves available for our clients from beginning to end and then again when you are ready to paint again.  

Consultation – One of our core values is teaching. We, as a team, have a goal always to be learning and growing.  As we grow, we want to help you learn and grow.  Everyone at Heritage is interested in Consulting to do what is best for your home or project, not just selling you something just because we can. 

Clear Contract – If you are confused about your contract, we have missed the mark as we consult you about your project.  We want to be clear about what you are getting painted, how we plan to paint it, and what products we plan to use, or what products you have selected for your project.   

Color Help – We love to talk about color at HCP.  We believe that color can make the project come alive, coupled with a great product and excellent painting service. We offer color samples from any major brand, sample quarts on the wall, or larger sample swatches.  Sometimes an on-site visit is still needed, and we want to make that happen if necessary.  

Communication – We strive for good communication so that the project will run smoothly.  We have built a service to help communicate by having a Project Consultant available during the selection and estimating process.  We also have a Project Manager who will be walking through the project at the beginning and end of the project to ensure the project is done correctly and the way you want it. 

Care – As we look to help you have a fantastic user experience throughout the process of fulfilling your painting needs, we hope to not only Care for you but to offer the best available products in the market and the best warranties available on the market. We Care and will continue to Care for you and your project as we hope to repaint your project when it is time.

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