Will You Stay On My Job Until It’s Finished?

The other day Bill W. of Carmel asked me, “Will you stay on my job until it’s finished?”  

Once we arrive at your project, we aim to get it done promptly. We will only leave your project if it’s an exterior and weather forces us to pause. In good weather, we will completely process your exterior project. 

When Heritage Painting processes an interior project, we don’t have to worry about the weather (as much, i.e., snow and ice), and we will be there till it’s done. 

There are times during the summer when we can move up inside projects when it rains.  

Heritage will identify clients with smaller interior projects that can be started on short notice and completed in a day or two.  When we begin an interior project like this, the interior client understands that the crew will pause the interior project and return to the exterior one if the weather breaks.  The Interior project will then be finished before the crew starts a new project.

Once we start your job, we have direct communication every day until Heritage Painting finishes your project! That’s part of our core values.

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