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I was giving a quote to Tom in Zionsville, Indiana, the other day, and he asked me one of our most common questions.  We were discussing paint and materials.  He wanted to know if we supply the paint or if he had to purchase the paint himself.  

The short answer is that Heritage Painting will supply all the materials need to complete your project.  There are three essential reasons that this is important.  


First is the challenges that the customer supplying their own paint possesses.  Those challenges include: 

  • The paint they purchase is not the right kind for the job.
  • Mistakes can add additional costs to the job.

Early in my painting career, I had a client supply their own paint.  We were painting walls and baseboard trim.  The customer went to the paint store with a list of products, sheens, and colors to purchase the paint.  He came back really excited that he had saved a lot of money on the paint purchase.

However, the problem was that he had purchased the product in the wrong sheen, and we could not use it. So he had to go back to the store and purchase the correct sheen at an additional cost.  

Putting the cost of supplies on the customer can also rack up additional expenses.  What can seem like a lower price can quickly turn into a more expensive project after the client has paid retail for the materials.  

Sometimes due to the surface and condition of the walls, we will need to order extra paint.  The client then has to stop work and pick up more paint while the painters sit around waiting for the product. 

The work stoppage results in extra labor charges for the painters who have to wait on the product to finish their task.   

Second, there are environmental challenges, such as: 

  • The paint customers want to use has expired.
  • The paint they want to use has not been properly stored and has lost its efficacy.

There are times when the client wants us to use up the paint from the last time they painted.  Many people do not realize that paint does have an expiration date.  The ingredient will separate over time.

Improperly stored paint will not adhere to the surface properly. In addition, when the paint is stored at temperatures too high or too low, it causes the paint to fail.  

For this reason, we never offer a warranty on any paint that the customer provides.  

Third, this usually indicates someone who doesn’t have a solid business or just starting. Some reasons a painter may require the customer to buy paint include:

  • This painter can’t get credit from the paint store, or their credit has been cut off.  
  • When they are cutting this corner, they are usually cutting other corners too.  (No insurance, not paying worker’s comp, improper application)
  • They don’t usually use or recommend the best products for your project.  
  • When you buy the paint, you are paying retail for the products.  We have relationships with all three major paint retailers, and due to the volume of paint we purchase, we can negotiate discounts on our purchases.  
  • These painters are looking for a transaction, not a relationship.  They are not in the project for the long haul and usually don’t have a warranty.  

Heritage Painting wants to paint for you every time you need a project completed.  Our goal is to build a relationship with you based on trust and convenience.  I took the time to explain to Tom the long answer.  He booked our services and now has a beautiful house in Zionsville, Indiana.  

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