What Are The Solutions For Fixing My Super Old Deck In Carmel, Indiana?

What do I do with my super old deck in Carmel Indiana?  Should I re-stain it?

Sometimes you’ve got to just call “Uncle” on that old deck and tear it down and start over.  

You might think though the core framing is still solid and not completely rotten, the top boards are just so rough and not fun to walk on.  Many times I’m wondering if I might even get a splinter.  

One option would be to rent a drum sander and edge sander or orbital and sand down to “new” wood.  I’ve done this on a home built in the 1900s in Frankfort Indiana.  Though we had to remove all of the old handrails in order to access underneath them and reinstall the final product was gorgeous, splinter-free, and well protected.  This client understood that this was an extensive project and understood the cost behind it.  We had over 140 man-hours in this project all in all.  It was like refinishing the hardwoods on the interior of your home.  

Another option would be to simply replace the horizontal boards on the deck and handrails with composite or new deck boards.  The options after that many times are short-lived fixes and can be simply disappointing and time-consuming or costly if you are wanting your deck to look good annually.  Sorry to be a “Debbie downer” but this is the truth.  Truth hurts but splinters hurt more!

If you’re looking to make your deck laster, we have a post on that too.

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