The Best Exterior Paints for Home in 2023

Finding the best exterior paint for your home is just as important as finding the right color. This decision determines how long your paint will last and what conditions it can stand up to.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are our recommendations for the best exterior paints for homes in 2023.

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Sherwin Williams Emerald is the best exterior paint you can get. Emerald has built-in mold and mildew resistance to keep the paint fresh for years to come. Because of the high-quality formula, Emerald will also keep its luster and shine for a decade and beyond. The paint also goes on ultra-smooth, meaning you will have a great looking coat of paint free of drips and pooling.

Sherwin Williams Emerald is our favorite exterior paint, and it’s part of why we deliver great results for our clients.


PPG Permanizer is another of our favorite exterior products at Heritage Custom Painting. Permanizer has great UV protection, which helps it keep its color. It also has built-in mold and mildew resistance. The formula’s tannin resistance also makes this a great option for painting wood siding.

For a durable and high-quality exterior paint, PPG Permanizer is one of the best you can get.


PPG Acri-Shield Max is an excellent premium product if extreme weather is a concern. The advanced formula can be applied as little as 60 minutes before rain. Generally, you can’t apply paint the same day as rain without the risk of the paint running.

Acri-Shield Max is also backed by a 7-Year Portersept Mildew Proof Warranty, so you know your home exterior will be mildew free for that span of time.


Regal Select is a mid-tier paint from Benjamin Moore, and the price to performance makes it an excellent option for exterior painting. The finish is resistant to mold and mildew, as well as fading, cracking, and peeling. Benjamin Moore’s Gennex Color Technology also means the color will last for years to come.

Benjamin Moore’s products also have exceptional leveling and smoothing for a great looking finish, and the paint has a strong adhesion that makes it ideal for any kind of surface.


Element Guard is the top premium exterior product from Benjamin Moore and for good reason. Like Acri-Shield Max, it has an advanced formula that is safe to apply an hour before rain without ruining the paint. It can also be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees and as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s a bit more expensive than the other products on this list, but that’s the Benjamin Moore premium you should expect.


Latitude is the Sherwin Williams equivalent of PPG Acri-Shield Max and Benjamin Moore Element Guard. It has a powerful moisture-resistant formula that makes it suitable for application up to 60 minutes before rain. It also has built-in dirt resistance that prevents early dirt pick-up, making it a great option for aluminum and vinyl siding. 

Sherwin Williams also has over 100 vinyl-safe colors, making Sherwin Williams the best overall choice for painting vinyl siding. 

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