How to Incorporate Trending Interior Black Paint Ideas

Color trends come and go every year, but there are some colors that retain their appeal regardless of what the trends are. Black interiors can look elegant and high class, and it’s a classic design choice that will always wow when done right. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the popular ways black is incorporated into interior design, as well as discuss some of the pros and cons. 

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Like every other color, there isn’t just one black color. Black comes in a variety of shades and hues, and which one you choose can subtly impact the way a room looks. To get a better understanding of how to pick the right black, read our blog post on how to read a color deck. 

There are some pros and cons to consider if you plan on using black interior paint. Some of those include:


  • It’s bold
  • Demands attention
  • Highly versatile
  • Pairs well with many colors
  • Never goes out of style
  • Elegant/Classy


  • Can seem a bit overwhelming for some people
  • If not balanced properly, can appear chaotic
  • Too much in a room may make the room appear smaller

Once you have the right color picked, it’s time to think of ways to integrate black interior paint into your home. 


Painting interior doors black is a great way to create a high-scale look and boost the contrast in a space. This is especially true if the walls are white or light gray.


White is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. If you are wanting to add some high contrast to your kitchen, painting your kitchen island black is a great way to do that. 


Window trim is another way to add contrast to the space without overbearing it. Adding black to the trim picks out these areas without overwhelming the space. 


Adding an accent color to beadboard is a great way to add personality to a space. Painting bead board black pairs well with other neutral accents like stained wood. 


You don’t necessarily want to paint a whole room black. Darker colors make rooms appear smaller than they really are. However, an accent wall is a great way to add black to a room without it consuming the space. 


For exterior colors, we don’t exactly recommend painting the whole house black. Darker colors like Iron Ore are certainly popular right now, but pure black exteriors don’t have wide appeal. The color you choose can impact your home’s interior temperature, so going black means your home will inherently be warmer. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t add black anywhere on the exterior, though. White homes with black trim and accents is a timeless look, and you still get all the benefits of a white exterior. This is by far one of the most popular ways to add black to an exterior paint project.  


  • Timeless – never out of style
  • White houses are easier to sell
  • Clean Crisp first impression
  • Fades less than some colors over time


  • A white exterior may require cleaning maintenance (higher quality paint can help prevent this)
  • Some think of white as ‘boring/bland’

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