Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald are the top-of-the-line products from these two brands. Both have incredible durability, excellent color retention, and coverage. However, which one is truly the best for you and your home? Today, we will compare these two premium products to get the answer. 

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Coverage refers to how well paint covers the surface and is measured per gallon. The higher the coverage, the less paint you will need overall to complete the project. Sherwin Williams Emerald is rated for 400 square feet per gallon. Benjamin Moore Aura is rated just a bit higher, going anywhere between 400-450 square feet per gallon. 

Sheer coverage isn’t the end all, be all when you’re comparing paint, though. Adding multiple coats allows the paint to shell up better, which makes it more durable and creates a more even finish. So even if the paint covers well, you always want to use two coats of it. 

However, when comparing coverage here, Benjamin Moore Aura does have a slight edge, making it the winner in this category. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore Aura


Durability is where these two products really shine. Both are incredibly durable and stand up well to scuffing, burnishing, and the occasional ding. We tested our test strips vigorously, and even rubbed a magic eraser on them. That’s something you should never do because the magic eraser breaks down the bond and pulls the paint right off the wall. 

Both of these products are incredibly durable, and held up very well to our testing. Both would be excellent options for high-traffic areas in the home, such as hallways, mudrooms, or living areas. 

It’s actually surprising how well both these products held up to testing. Neither showed significant burnishing, both held up well against the magic eraser, and both held up against scuffing. 

No matter which product you choose, you will be happy with how durable the product is. 

Winner: Tie

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Price is the biggest difference between these two products. Benjamin Moore Aura retails for $90 per gallon, the highest price among the products we use. Sherwin Williams Emerald, on the other hand, retails for just $75 per gallon. And with no discernable difference in the overall quality of these paints, that 20% markup makes Aura a tough sell. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Emerald


With excellent coverage, impressive durability, and a solid price point, Sherwin Williams Emerald is the best paint you can get right now. While Benjamin Moore Aura does have a bit more coverage, that isn’t worth the big jump in price. Sherwin Williams Emerald gives you everything you need, and when you work with a professional contractor, you might even get a good deal on it. 

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