Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal Select

Benjamin Moore makes excellent products, and Regal Select and Aura are their very best interior paints. However, which one is best for your home interior project?

While Aura is the highest quality paint Benjamin Moore has, Regal Select hits the sweet spot on durability and price.

Read more below as we compare the coverage, durability, and price of these products.

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Coverage refers to how much paint can cover a surface, measured in square feet per gallon. Regal Select is rated to cover 400-450 sq. ft/gallon. That’s excellent coverage, especially when you consider that Sherwin Williams Duration, a close competitor, only covers 250-300 sq.ft/gallon.

Aura gets slightly less with 350-400 sq. ft/gallon. That’s still a very high coverage, but not quite as high as Regal Select’s. That means for the same space you would end up needing less Regal Select than Aura, which is significant when you factor in the price difference (more on that in a second).

Coverage isn’t the end all, be all in paint, though. While higher coverage can certainly save you money, you still want to make sure you apply two coats. This covers up any pin holes that may appear on the surface, and it allows the paint to shell up and form a smooth and durable finish.

However, when it comes to the coverage, Regal Select is the winner.

Winner: Regal Select


Both of these paints are incredibly durable and will hold up to the usual wear and tear of home life just fine. However, we did put them through some rigorous testing to see how much the paints could handle. We scuffed the finish with our feet, tried to burnish it, and even aggressively scrubbed the paint with a magic eraser. You never want to do that because the magic eraser can chip away at the paint.

However, both of these paints held up remarkably well under these tests. Neither show any signs of scuffing or burnishing, even after repeated tries. Your mileage may vary, but this shows the paint is remarkably tough when it’s properly applied and allowed to cure.

The real difference came down to the magic eraser. While both held up far better than paints below the caliber, Regal Select did show the slightest amount of wear from the scrubbing. Aura did not show any signs of wear from the magic eraser.

So while both are incredibly durable, Aura does get a slight leg up.

Winner: Aura


The price is the biggest difference between these two products. Benjamin Moore’s products are already priced quite a bit higher than its competitors, but there is also a substantial price gap between their products.

Regal Select retails for $78 per gallon, and Benjamin Moore Aura retails for $90. That’s a $12 price difference, which may not seem substantial, but it can quickly add up. Especially when you consider that Regal Select has quite a bit more coverage than Aura.

Considering Regal Select’s better coverage and the negligible performance difference in durability, we think Regal Select is the better bang for the buck.


When you consider the coverage, durability, and price, Regal Select seems like the smarter choice over Benjamin Moore Aura. It covers better and most people likely won’t see the difference in performance. Unless you’re looking for the absolute best, you might go with Aura. However, if you’re looking for the absolute best, you may be better off going with something like Sherwin Williams Emerald (our personal favorite paint).

If you want to stick with the Benjamin Moore family, though, Regal Select hits that sweet spot between performance and price, and it’s sure to please just about anyone who uses it in their home.

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