Benjamin Moore Ben vs Regal Select

Benjamin Moore is one of the best paint manufacturers around, and many painters would argue they are the best. We’ll hold our judgment on that specific claim, but we can do our best to tell you which Benjamin Moore products are right for you and your home.

Benjamin Moore Ben is the brand’s “entry-level” premium product, and Regal Select is the company’s second-highest quality product. Both of these are interior products, but which one is right for your home? Today we will compare Benjamin Moore Ben vs Regal Select to find out.

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Coverage refers to how much a given paint can cover a surface, measured in gallons (ex: 300 sq. ft/gallon). Benjamin Moore products are known for their exceptional coverage, and these two products are no exception.

Both of these products cover 400-450 sq. ft/gallon, which puts them well in front of a lot of the competition at this price point.

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While the coverage is nearly identical, the actual consistency of the paint during application is very different. Regal Select is a thick paint, but Ben is quite a bit looser (runny). That’s not a big deal either way, but it does mean you need to be a bit more careful when applying Ben. Otherwise, you might sling paint around and get it somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Winner: Tie


Durability is another one of the big selling points for Benjamin Moore products. In terms of typical wear and tear, both of these products should hold up quite well in someone’s home. In our testing, we purposefully scuffed and burnished the product, and we even went at them with a magic eraser (which you should never do).

While both held up solidly, Regal Select is the clear winner in this category. Ben did show some signs of scuffing and burnishing, and the magic eraser pulled away a tiny portion of the paint. Regal Select, on the other hand, showed little sign of scuffs or burnishing, and the magic eraser did not remove the paint at all.

So if you’re looking for something tough that can stand up to just about anything, Regal Select is clearly the best option.

Winner: Benjamin Moore Regal Select


Aside from durability, the price is the biggest difference between Benjamin Moore Ben and Regal Select. Benjamin Moore Ben retails at $47/gallon, and Regal Select costs $76. That’s obviously a big difference, and instantly Ben seems like the better option for the price. However, because of its improved durability and smoother application, we actually think Regal Select earns its price.

At least, it does compared to Benjamin Moore Ben. You could also opt for a more affordable but very durable product like PPG Prominence. You could also get Sherwin Williams Emerald, our favorite paint, at the same price as Regal Select. You might even get it cheaper if you work through a professional paint contractor.

But just between Benjamin Moore Ben and Regal Select, we think Regal Select is the better value because of its excellent durability.

Winner: Regal Select


It’s really just a good paint. Excellent coverage, high durability, and excellent leveling and color retention. Regal Select has it all. It easily outperforms Ben and the other products in its category. The only barrier is the price. If you’re willing to spend this much on Regal Select, it might be worth upgrading to a more premium paint.

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