Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs Sherwin-Williams Duration

Today we are looking at two great products as we compare Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs Sherwin Williams Duration. Both of these paints are premium products from the manufacturers, and they each offer a unique set of traits that make them compelling options for interior painting. In this blog, we will compare the coverage, hide, durability, and price of these two products to determine which one is right for your home. 

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When painters talk about coverage, they are referring to how much square footage they can cover with a single gallon of paint. The better the coverage is, the less paint you will need to finish a given project. 

Coverage is perhaps the biggest difference between these two products, and it’s noticeable from the moment you start applying the paint. Sherwin Williams Duration is rated for 250-300 square feet per gallon, whereas Benjamin Moore Regal Select covers 350-400 square feet per gallon. 

This difference is noticeable after you apply the first coat. There are plenty of spots on Duration where the original surface comes through. Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, only has some pinholes. 

However, first coat coverage is not the end-all-be-all of paint comparisons. You always want to apply two coats to get the best color and maximize sheen. Additional coats allow the paint to shell up better to create a smooth and even finish. 

However, in sheer coverage, Regal Select runs away with this category.

Winner: Benjamin Moore Regal Select


Hide refers to a paint’s ability to conceal the flaws on a surface, making it appear smoother and more uniform. While the paint consistency has a lot to do with this, this category is equally dependent on the surface quality, so it’s a difficult category to measure. 

However, when we apply these paints side by side on the same surface, we can see hide qualities of the paint more clearly. 

Looking at the two side by side, we say that Regal Select hides imperfections better. The Benjamin Moore product has an overall more uniform finish. Duration, though, more clearly shows the original texture of the wall, imperfections and all. 

If you’re looking for a uniform look on the wall, Regal Select is the clear winner here. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore Regal Select


Both of these products are incredibly durable and are great options for high-traffic areas like mudrooms and hallways. However, there was another clear winner in this category, and that would be Regal Select. 

We put these products through rigorous testing by scuffing the test strips with our shoes, rubbing our hands on them and burnishing the finish, and even scrubbing it with a magic eraser. The magic eraser is particularly damaging, and you should never use it if you plan on cleaning painted walls. 

While both withstood the testing quite well, Regal Select came out nearly unscathed, whereas Duration had some scuffing and burnishing appear. 

That makes Regal Select the best option if you want the toughest paint in this bracket. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore Regal Select


A gallon of Regal Select retails for $78, and you can pick up Sherwin Williams Duration for a similar price at $75. That puts these two very close to one another, and as such Regal Select is the clear winner. It’s not wildly more expensive than Duration, and it handily outperforms it in every category. 

However, there is one other thing to consider. With the current price of these paints, it’s probably worth upgrading to a product like Sherwin Williams Emerald. That’s especially true when you consider contractor pricing for paint products, as you may be able to get Emerald at a cost much lower than the retail price of Regal Select. 

However, if we are looking just at this category, Regal Select is the best option.

Winner: Regal Select


Between PPG Prominence, Sherwin Williams Duration, and Benjamin Moore Regal Select, the last is our favorite in this product bracket. It has far and away the best performance, and its cost isn’t too far beyond the competition. 

However, it’s worth asking your contractor about higher quality products like Sherwin William Emerald, as you may be able to get a discount pricing on a more premium product. 

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