Benjamin Moore Aura vs Ben

Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint brands, and its consistently the favorite among professional painters and technicians. The brand boasts excellent coverage and durability across its product range.

Today we will be looking at two of the highest quality paints Benjamin Moore offers: Ben and Aura. Aura is the top-of-the-line product, while Ben is more of an “entry-level” premium product. However, is Ben good enough for your home, or is Aura’s premium cost worth the upgrade? Today we will compare the coverage, durability, and price to find out.

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Coverage refers to how much surface area the paint covers, and it’s measured in square feet per gallon (sq. ft/gallon). Ben is rated to cover 400-450 sq. ft/gallon, while Aura has been shown to cover 350-400 sq. ft/gallon. That means on paper, Ben performs better than Aura in this area.

Sheer coverage is not the end all, be all when it comes to choosing paint, though. No matter how well a paint covers, you will want to apply two coats so the finish properly shells up. Shelling up creates a smoother and more durable end result.

Application is something else to consider. Ben is a pretty loose paint, meaning it’s quite runny. Aura, on the other hand, is very thick. That means you’re more likely to splatter Ben while applying the paint with a roller or paint brush. Aura offers quite a bit more control. That is something worth considering.

While Ben does perform better than Aura, the difference is pretty minor. However, we are still giving Ben the win here.

Winner: Benjamin Moore Ben


There are a lot of ways to measure a paint’s durability, so we put our test strips through rigorous testing. We scuffed the products with our feet, burnished them with our fingers, and even scrubbed the surface with a magic eraser. You will never want to do that at home, because the abrasive qualities of the magic eraser will eat away at the paint.

Ben lost paint during the scuffing, noticeably burnished, and had some paint removed from the magic eraser. This isn’t all that surprising in this product range, and Ben actually outperforms its competitors PPG Hi-Hide and Sherwin Williams Superpaint in this regard.

However, even after going through the same rigorous testing, Aura effectively showed no change at all in the finish. We did notice a bit of paint come away on the magic eraser, but it was practically invisible on the actual finish.

That means in sheer durability, Aura can take a lot more damage without the paint failing. If you’re looking for the absolute best durability, Aura is the clear winner here.

Winner: Benjamin Moore Aura


The two products’ differences became apparent during the durability test, and the difference is even more apparent in the price. Ben retails for $47, and Benjamin Moore Aura retails for $90. That’s nearly double the price between the two products.

However, in a lot of ways Aura earns that price. The paint has great consistency, excellent coverage, and unmatched durability. That being said, you can also get excellent durability from Benjamin Moore Regal Select, PPG Prominence, and Sherwin Williams Emerald. These are all great products that undercut the cost of Benjamin Moore Aura.

Benjamin Moore Ben, on the other hand, is priced very similarly to its competitor’s paints.

It’s hard to parse out exactly who the winner is on price, as these products are aimed at two entirely different types of need.

Winner: Tie


On paper, Benjamin Moore Aura has it all. It’s got excellent coverage and exceptional durability. However, the price does seem restrictive, especially when you can get similar results from paint that cost $15-$20 less per gallon.

It’s unequivocally better than Benjamin Moore Ben, but that doesn’t immediately mean it’s the best option for you. We recommend looking at products like Regal Select and Sherwin Williams Emerald (our personal favorite paint).

Benjamin Moore Aura is technically the best paint around, but that technicality yields diminishing returns when you look at it from a price to performance basis.

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