PPG Prominence Review

PPG Prominence is best for you if your home has a lot of foot traffic. If you’re like many of us, you have kids/grandkids/neighbors or animals that touch, rub, and scratch the walls constantly. 

With that being said, PPG Prominence is a great option for providing a beautiful, finished look that will last for many years. 

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  • Premium 100% acrylic latex paint on par with Sherwin Williams Duration and Benjamin Moore Regal Select
  • Resist stains through the combination of resin and proprietary formulation
  • Delivers exceptional durability and hiding power 
  • Burnish resistance and scrubbability that allows for surfaces to be wiped or brushed without affecting the finish 
  • Zero VOC and low order
  • Outstanding adhesion and coverage
  • Protects in high humidity and high traffic areas
  • Advanced leveling for a smooth, even finish


According to internal and external testing, Prominence’s ratings are equal to or above its competitors in most tested areas. The areas tested include: hide, washability, scrub resistance, burnish resistance, and leveling.

Some attributes that were not covered are price and coverage. At retail prices (which are different than the prices contractors like us receive), Prominence ($55/gallon with a spread rate of 400 square feet) is highly competitive when compared to its closest competitors, Benjamin Moore Regal Select ($64/gallon with a spread rate of 450 square feet) and Sherwin Williams Duration ($71-76/gallon with a spread rate of 350 square feet).

However, we decided to test all of these products ourselves, looking for differences in the coverage, durability, and price. Here’s what we found. 


In terms of sheer coverage, PPG Prominence performs as advertised. In fact, in our field use, we felt it went beyond the 400 square feet PPG promotes. But since coverage is color base dependent, your mileage may vary. It handily outperforms Duration and comes pretty close to Regal Select. For more on how it stacks up against the competition, check out our Color of the Year comparison.

Coverage isn’t the only important factor when you consider paint, and you will always want to apply two coats to get the best protection. However, higher coverage can save you money overall since you won’t need as much paint to get full coverage. 


Durability refers to the paint’s ability to withstand bumps, nicks, and scuffing. To test this, we ran our hands along the wall, scuffed the paint with our feet, and rubbed it with a magic eraser (which you should never do). In our testing, PPG Prominence scuffed more than Duration, but it also better withstood burnishing and the abrasive effects of the magic eraser. Neither product performed as well as Regal Select by Benjamin Moore, though. 

That being said, all of these products proved durable, and the test conditions were extreme. Under regular household circumstances, these paints would hold up quite well and withstand normal wear and tear. 


The prices were listed above, and it’s what makes PPG Prominence such a standout product. It has excellent coverage and durability while severely undercutting the competition. Prominence also gets a one-up over Benjamin Moore’s product because it is more widely available. If you’re looking for the best bang for the buck, Prominence is the clear winner. 


All of these paints have their pros and cons, and while Prominence may not prove quite as durable as Duration or Regal Select, it is a tough and affordable option. It’s an excellent product that will work in just about anyone’s home, and its competitive price point will save you money in the long run. 

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