PPG Ultralast vs Benjamin Moore Aura

PPG Ultralast and Benjamin Moore Aura are the two top products from these two brands. Both are extremely durable and will keep their luster and shine for years. However, which one truly outranks the other? That’s what we will find out today as we compare these two products’ coverage, durability, and price. 

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Coverage refers to a paint’s ability to cover a surface and is measured in square feet per gallon. In terms of sheer coverage, both of these products perform very similarly. Both products yield 350-400 square feet per gallon, which is quite a step up over lower-quality paints. 

Coverage isn’t the end all be all for comparing paint products, but it’s important to consider. More coverage means less paint is needed to finish a project. Good coverage isn’t an excuse to skip a second coat, though. Adding multiple coats lets products shell up properly, which makes them hard and durable for years. 

So on the coverage front, it is basically a tie between these two. 

Winner: Tie


Durability is one of the most important things to consider in premium paint, which these two products excel at. Both products are ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and mud rooms. 

We tested the durability of both of these products by scuffing them with our feet, burnishing them with our hands, and even scrubbing a magic eraser on them (p.s. don’t do that!). After putting them through the wringer, we found very minimal wear and tear on both. In our test, Benjamin Moore Aura came out ahead, but only slightly. The difference is close enough that your mileage may vary, but in our tests, Aura came out as more durable, even if just slightly so. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore Aura


So while both these products have excellent coverage and durability, price is where they truly separate. PPG Ultralast retails for $70 per gallon, but Benjamin Moore Aura costs $90 per gallon. That’s a substantial price difference for a product that isn’t radically different. Benjamin Moore Aura is slightly more durable, but we aren’t convinced it is worth a 20%+ markup. 


PPG Ultralast has great coverage, a tough and durable finish, and it’s remarkably cheaper than Benjamin Moore Aura. For this reason, we think PPG Ultralast is the better option between the two. It’s also worth considering Sherwin Williams Emerald, which retails at $75 and is our favorite premium paint. You can also get these paints with significant discounts if you work with a contractor that gets special pricing. 

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