The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Brick Homes

Painting brick exteriors is an increasingly popular way to give your brick home a new lease on life. Thanks to high-quality paint products and masonry-specific paints and primers, painting your brick house is a viable and affordable way to change up the home’s look. 

However, what color is best for brick come homes? In many ways, the same colors that are popular on other home exteriors, but there are a few colors that look particularly good on brick. Here are some of our favorite options, with a few examples. 

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White is a timeless color that will always look good on a home exterior, whether it’s brick, vinyl, or anything else. White does require a bit more maintenance because dirt and grime show a lot more on this color. However, if you’re looking for something upscale and classy, white is a no-brainer option. 

However, you don’t always have to go pure white. Going for an off-white or cream option is just as viable. You can also opt for a whitewash, where the paint is thinned with water, applied, and then partially removed. This creates a lovely weathered brick effect that is very popular. 

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Shades of blue are popular exterior color options, and they look especially nice on brick. The texture of the masonry adds a lot of depth that is very appealing with blue colors. Blue is a popular color in coastal towns, but it can look good no matter where you live. Blue colors can make your house stand out while also giving your home a high-class look. 

An excellent blue option is Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. This deep, rich navy blue is classy, and the white trim really pops with it (as evidenced below). 

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Gray is a very popular interior color choice, but it’s also a great choice for home exteriors. There are a wide variety of gray options, from light to dark gray as well as “greige” options. Dark and mid-tone grays look particularly nice because they are sophisticated, and painting the trim white adds a lot of contrast. You can even add a pop of color to the door to add some personality. 

Gray works great on just about everything, but you can always utilize our virtual rendering service to “see” the results before we start painting. 


Red brick is perhaps the most common type of brick home. If you’re looking to have the flexibility of a painted surface but are nervous about the transition, painting the home red is a great option. You still retain something similar to the original look, but you also get all the benefits of painting the home

Red is also a great color, and it can really help your home stand out. 

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Beige is a popular neutral option, and it’s a great option for brick homes. If you’re looking to neutralize your home exterior, whether you’re trying to sell it or just want a new look. Beige also shows off the texture of the brick, which will still show through the paint. 

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Green is a great option if you’re looking for that “earthy” style. Green evokes nature, and it’s an excellent choice if you live in a remote or wooded area. Like some of the other colors, green also highlights the texture of the masonry, which further sells that more natural look. 

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