Color Consultation Appointments and Why They Matter

This post originally appeared in the Indy Real Producers magazine.

When clients accept their projects with Heritage, one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is choosing the right color and sheen. Our clients want the perfect color and sometimes that’s easier said than done. 

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If you’re like me, you have gone into a paint store and found the “perfect” color, only to find out that once you’ve purchased the paint and applied it to the walls, it’s nothing like you thought it would be. Why is this? Everyone’s home has different lighting. Whether that be due to the physical lights in your home or the amount of natural light you have. 

Here at Heritage, once you accept with us, we offer complimentary color consultation appointments where we help our clients choose the best color for their home, whether it’s for interior, exterior, or cabinets. 

For most clients, only one appointment is needed to find that perfect color, but for others this may include an additional appointment. This service sets us apart from our competitors because most companies don’t want to offer color help, let alone a separate free appointment specifically geared towards color. 

Some of our most popular colors right now include gray and white. Seems easy, right? Not exactly. These two colors are very difficult to narrow down since there are a multitude of shades, and what may look like gray in the store may show blue or violet tones in your home. What seems like white, is actually creamy/yellowish in color simply due to lighting. 

Color doesn’t solely come down to shade, but also what kind of tone or mood you’re trying to set for your interior or your neighborhood if it’s exterior. Whatever the case may be, we at Heritage not only want to make sure we provide quality work for your project, we also want to ensure you fall in love with your home again, and that begins with the color. Fill out the form below to get your free quote from Heritage Painting today. 

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