Premium Paint vs Cheap Paint – The Things You Need To Know

Most people consider their home their biggest investment. If you’re one of those people, then shopping for paint at hardware stores (you know the ones) is definitely out of the question. There’s not a single paint option at a big box store that will protect your home with the same durability, coverage, and long-lasting finish as a premium paint. 

You may think, “It’s cheaper, so who cares?” 

It’s not really saving you money, though. 

Upfront the cost is less, but the paint will not hold up. It will be more prone to chip and peel very quickly, leaving you frustrated and painting more frequently. 

Your time is valuable, and it’s worth investing in a quality paint that is going to last. Read below about the disadvantages of painting with low-quality paint and the advantages of painting with high-quality paint. 

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When you invest in your home, you probably want to jump on some great home renovation deals, but choosing cheap paint over a high-quality paint won’t provide you with the best deal in the long run. While you think the price is great at the time, there are hidden costs that come along with cheap paint. 

  • Buying cheap paint means buying more of it. While low-quality paint can save you money up front, you will find that you will need more than one or two coats of paint. That’s not only a hidden cost, it’s more of your time.
  • A low quality paint doesn’t last very long. When you decide to cut back on paint quality, you will notice a difference within a very short period of time. Cheap paint can start peeling very quickly.
  • Cheap paints are not as durable. And therefore will not last as long as a premium paint. The more durable a paint is, the better the performance, which keeps the paint from peeling, fading or flaking for a much longer time. 
  • Cheap paint is harder to apply. Lower quality paint tends to be really runny, which makes it an absolute mess to apply. It’s hard to get a smooth finish and there is added cleanup time that just further adds to your effort/cost.


  • A long lasting paint job. If you don’t want to repaint your walls every year due to fading, cracking, bubbling ,or peeling paint, than a high-quality paint is your best option. This is especially true in high traffic areas such as hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells. 
  • You won’t need as many coats. High-quality paints offer more pigmentation when compared to cheap paints. This is important because more pigmentation gives the paint more coverage. It also hides imperfections better and creates a more true color. 
  • Increased durability. All paints have resins in them. However, only premium paints have good resins. Good resins help the paint adhere to the surface, keep paint from peeling and fading, and they protect against mold and mildew. Bad resins simply help fill up a paint can and they are found in lower quality paints. High-quality paints also don’t need a higher sheen to be more durable. 
  • Protect your home. High quality paints not only provide a beautiful finished look, they more importantly serve as a layer of protection. A premium paint will last up to 15 years, while a low quality paint will last about a year. 
  • You can get professional help. Even if you plan on doing the project yourself, sales reps at a dedicated paint store have more knowledge than general big box hardware stores. They can not only help you find what paint and color is best, but guide you through the other tools and materials you will need to get the job done. 


When referring to high-quality paint, I’m speaking of the upper, more expensive paints that Benjamin Moore, PPGand Sherwin Willaims offer. For example, Aurora, Regal, Ultralast, Manor Hall/Prominence, Hi-Hide, Emerald, and Duration. Low-quality paints are found in big box stores.

In the end, paint brands have more differences than just their names. They have different chemical compositions, finishes, and intended uses. When you have a project, you need to find the best paint for the job, and with the help of a trusted professional, it is possible.

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