PPG Hi-Hide Review – Great Value and Great Coverage

Deciding which paint manufacturer to use is almost as challenging as choosing a color. PPG is one of the top paint manufacturers, and their Hi-Hide is an affordable premium product for interior painting. This blog will walk you through all the unknowns and explain in detail why Hi-Hide is a great choice for an affordable and high-quality product. 

There are several factors to consider when reviewing a product, including hide, coverage, and price. As the name implies Hi-Hide is exceptional in the first factor. Hide refers to a paint’s ability to hide blemishes on the surface it’s applied to. 

Because of Hi-Hide’s smooth coating, it’s exceptional at covering cracks other blemishes on the wall. Hi-Hide also has remarkable coverage, meaning you can get more done with fewer cans of paint.

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Hi-Hide is an interior paint that provides excellent hiding and coverage, it has good touch-up properties and excellent uniformity. It resists common household spills and stains and washes easily. Overall Hi-Hide is an excellent, user-friendly, high-value wall paint for many residential applications. It is PPG’s entry-level paint option, but it outperforms other entry-level paint options like Sherwin Williams Superpaint. 

It comes in multiple sheen options, one of which is ceramic matte. Because of the ceramic, it has a unique formulation that makes Hi-Hide very washable without leaving any scuff marks in the paint. We did notice it tends to burnish, which isn’t uncommon at this price point.


When it comes to washability, Hi-Hide performs evenly with its competitors in most scenarios. However, Hi-Hide combined with the ceramic matte finish has a durable coat that puts it well above Superpaint for washability. That ceramic coating also makes it more durable against regular wear and tear. 


There is a big difference to consider and that is price.  Benjamin Moore was the highest price followed by Sherwin Williams, but the most cost-effective manufacturer was PPG. 

There is one more factor when discussing price – how much coverage does the paint provide? Well, we tested this ourselves with several products, and all of PPG’s products cover exceedingly well.

PPG claims a gallon of Hi-Hide can cover 400 square feet. However, in our real-world testing, we found it covered slightly more than that. That’s extra savings for you, and Hi-Hide can cover quite a bit more than some of its competitors can.

In summary, PPG’s Hi-Hide has the same paint qualities as other leading competitors, but it is more cost-effective because of its excellent coverage. If you’re debating between Ben, Hi-Hide, or SuperPaint, I would recommend PPG’s Hi-Hide if you want quality work on a budget. 

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