PPG Hi-Hide vs Prominence vs Ultralast

PPG Paints is one of the top paint manufacturers in the country, and their products are an excellent option for your home interior or exterior. However, PPG has a wide range of products, and it can be confusing to customers on what makes each product unique. Today, we will break down three of the most popular PPG products and what stands out about them. Here is PPG Hi-Hide vs Manor Hall vs UltraLast.

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PPG has a wide variety of interior and exterior paints, but we believe these are the top three PPG interior paint products. 


ppg hi-hide

Hi-Hide is PPG’s entry-level premium paint, and it has a few standout features. The first is in its name. Hi-Hide has a strong and uniform coat that helps hide flaws in the surface. Hi-Hide has a thick consistency and good flow, maximizing coverage while creating an even coat on the surface. 

Because of the uniform way it applies, Hi-Hide is great for covering imperfections in the wall, and it has a strong finish that makes it decently washable (for more on how to clean painted walls, check out our blog post here).

Hi-Hide is also an affordable paint, making it a great option for DIY-ers or anyone looking to keep their project cost relatively low. 

Even though it covers well, it isn’t as durable as PPG’s other premium products and is prone to burnishing. 

For the cost and convenience, though, Hi-Hide is a solid option. 


Prominence is PPG’s midgrade premium paint, and it has a lot of exceptional features. For one, it has notably improved burnishing and scrubbability over Hi-Hide. Because of its durability, it’s an excellent option for high-traffic areas like entry rooms, hallways, and living spaces. 

Like Hi-Hide, it also has excellent leveling and hiding, making it a great option for covering up blemishes and imperfections. Manor Hall is also a zero-VOC paint, and it won’t leave a strong odor after application. 

Prominence is also surprisingly affordable, undercutting both Sherwin Williams’ Duration and Benjamin Moore’s Select products. If you’re looking for affordable and durable paint, Manor Hall is an excellent option. 


UltraLast is PPG’s premier product. It is their most durable product, outperforming both Hi-Hide and Manor Hall. UltraLast is also a great option for ultra-deep waters like dark blues and reds.

What really makes UltraLast stand apart, though, is in its washability. While all of PPG’s products clean really well, UltraLast has a new proprietary Clean-Surface technology that better resists oil and water-based stains. They even have a pretty good video showcasing it. 

That makes UltraLast an excellent choice for parents or anyone who wants to ensure their paint job will last for a long time to come. 

The only real downside to UltraLast is its lackluster finish variety. UltraLast only comes in Eggshell/Matte and Flat. Because of the Clean-Surface tech, you may not need anything higher. However, if you were looking for a higher sheen for aesthetic purposes UltraLast may not be the best fit for you. 

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product that isn’t going to stain easily, UltraLast is the best option at this point.

And that’s all you need to know about PPG’s premium products. If you want to learn more about the paints we use, you can check out our review of Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint. Be sure to learn more about the Color of the Year from all the major brands as well, so you can start planning your interior’s new look. 

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