PPG Prominence vs Sherwin-Williams Duration

Our paint comparison series continues as we explore the mid-tier premium options from PPG, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. Today we are looking at PPG Prominence vs Sherwin Williams Duration. Both of these interior products are the second-highest quality options from these two manufacturers, but they each have a unique set of pros and cons. Which one performs the best, and which one will be right for you in your home? Find out below. 

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When painters talk about application, they are talking about how smoothly the paint comes off the brush or roller and sticks to the wall. If the paint is loose, that means it is watery and more likely to splatter. In terms of application, neither of these paints are overly loose. Prominence isn’t quite as thick as Hi-Hide, which makes it a bit easier to spread out. 

Duration is quite a bit thicker than Prominence but still spreads very well. Thicker paints are also a bit easier to control.

There isn’t a clear winner at this stage. It’s just important to note that Duration is thicker, but both apply to the wall quite well. 

Winner: Tie


A paint’s hide is how effectively it conceals imperfections on the wall. It’s also worth noting that sheen plays a significant role in this as well. The higher the sheen, the more apparent imperfections will be. 

Both of these products hide decently well, though Prominence edges Duration out. When Prominence dries and fully cures, it creates a hard shell that is very unlike the surface of the wall. Duration, on the other hand, feels more like the original texture of the surface. 

Neither of these are good or bad. It depends on the type of feel you want from the surface after painting. However, in the sheer ability to hide imperfections, Prominence takes the win here. 

Winner: PPG Prominence


Coverage is determined by how much of a surface is covered per gallon of paint and is measured in square feet. Admittedly, Prominence goes a lot farther than Duration based on pure coverage. PPG claims Prominence can cover up to 400 square feet per gallon, and our in-field experience reflects that. Duration, on the other hand, offers 250-300 square feet per gallon. That’s quite a bit lower, which means Prominence is immediately the better option if you want to go farther with less paint. 

However, even if you can cover the walls faster, you will still want to use two coats of paint. Two coats ensure you get the full color of the paint and maximum protection with the sheen. Because of its shorter coverage, this means that Duration actually shells up better, and is more durable overall.

However, for sheer coverage, Prominence is the clear winner. 

Winner: PPG Prominence


Both of these products are exceedingly durable. They can withstand bumps and scrapes to an acceptable degree. However, Duration does edge ahead in this case. In our testing, Duration held up better to scuffing, even when we took a magic eraser to it. By the way, you should never do that, because it will ruin the paint job. Prominence still held up quite well, but Duration did that much better. Duration is more susceptible to burnishing, though, in our experience. 

That doesn’t stop Duration from being the tougher product of the two. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Duration


Price is the largest divergence between these two products. PPG Prominence retails for $55 per gallon, and you can find Duration for anywhere between $70-$75. That’s a pretty significant difference and, despite Duration’s better durability, it makes Prominence a more compelling option. 

Combined with the superior coverage of PPG Prominence, you can find significant savings going for it over Duration. 

Then there’s contractor pricing, which can significantly alter how much you pay per gallon. As of now, Heritage Custom Painting has promotional pricing on Sherwin Williams Emerald, which is a superior product to either of the ones we are comparing. If you’re leaning towards Duration, it’s probably well worth upgrading to Emerald instead. 

Between these two products, though, Prominence is the clear winner.

Winner: PPG Prominence


PPG Prominence offers exceptional coverage and solid durability at a highly competitive price. Depending on contractor pricing, you may get a better deal upgrading to the most premium product, but in this product line, PPG Prominence is hard to beat. You may also consider Regal Select from Benjamin Moore, which is significantly more expensive but outclasses both of these products in durability. 

However, for the perfect blend of coverage, durability, and price, PPG Prominence is a great option. 

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