Heritage Celebrates Its Kokomo Grand Opening

This past month, Heritage Painting celebrated its Grand Opening in Kokomo, Indiana. While we have served the Kokomo area for years, the company has never formally introduced itself to the community. We are so thankful for the gracious reception and to everyone who showed up to the event. 

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Both owners, Jason Humrichous and Jason Finney, attended the event and spoke a little. Jason Humrichous opened by talking about his personal experience leading up to founding Heritage Painting. 

“My dad said to me when I was in middle school ‘Jason, learn a trade and go to college.’ And that [painting] is what I fell into.” 

He also took some time to discuss the HERITAGE values. 









We are a proud member of the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce, and we are excited to continue serving the Kokomo area and helping its residents fall in love with their homes again. 

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