How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Living Room?

Your living room is the central meeting room in your home, and as such, it should feel and look inviting. A fresh coat of paint is the best way to refresh the room’s look. But how much does that cost?

The cost to paint a living room varies depending on the size of the room, how tall the ceilings are, whether or not the walls need to be primed, and many other factors. The best way to know exactly how much it costs to paint a living room is to get a quote from a professional painting contractor.

However, there are some generalities we can assume to get a ballpark number.

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The average living room is usually around 14 x 14 ft. That’s 196 square feet. However, when you calculate the cost for painting, you calculate the square feet on the surface area (i.e. the wall). That means you are measuring the length of the wall and the height to the ceiling.

So if you have a 14 x 14 ft living room and 8 foot high ceilings, you have four 14 x 8 ft walls. The total square footage for those walls is 448 square feet.

If you want to add in the ceiling as well, that would also be factored in. The ceiling’s square footage should be the same as the floor plan, in this case 196 square feet.

So the total square footage of the space is 644 square feet. If you want to add trim into this as well, that can also be measured in linear feet. That includes any trim around windows and door frames, which may be more than the original length of the wall. For this example, let’s say the total trim is 76 linear feet, making the total 720 square feet.


Another deciding factor is the product being used. We only use the highest quality products from Sherwin-Williams, PPG, and Benjamin Moore. Even within that product range, there is quite a bit of price variance.

You can read more about the best interior paint products here:

Sherwin Williams:


Benjamin Moore

The product you choose will not only determine the cost, but also how long the paint will last and what type of warranty you qualify for.


There are other factors that can impact how much a living room costs to paint, such as any drywall repairs, priming, nicotine removal, or special equipment needed. Here’s a brief list of what might add to the total cost:


The average cost for painting will be $800-1200. Here is a breakdown of the costs based on our example:

Walls: $784

Ceiling: $147

Trim: $114 (depending on the number of windows and door frames)

This cost assumes there are no drywall repairs or additional labor costs. Obviously not every living room is this large, so if yours is smaller you can expect to pay less, and if it’s larger you can expect to pay more. 

Of course, the best way to get an accurate price on living room painting is by getting a free quote from Heritage Custom Painting. Our professional staff will provide a detailed and itemized estimate, and our color consultant can help you find the right colors for your space.

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