Can You Repair Drywall?

Interior painting usually requires a bit of repair and corrective work. Naturally, that means we get asked a lot if we can repair drywall. As with many issues, the answer is “it depends,” but by and large we can address most drywall issues ourselves. In this article, we will outline how we go about repairs and how it affects your estimate. 

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We can repair nearly any drywall issue as long as we are also painting the surface. Our crews are experienced and can even replace entire sheets. Whether it’s a simple crack in the ceiling that needs filled, a gap in the wall that needs replaced, or an entire room being redone, our crews can handle it. 


Another thing to consider if you want your drywall repaired is how the paint will look on the surface. A freshly patched piece of drywall will be very smooth and difficult to match to more textured walls.  

higher sheen paint will only make these ridges more noticeable. We recommend using a flat or matte sheen to better hide those bumps and grooves. 


This is where “it depends” really rings true. For any repair work, we like to price based on labor and materials. Our estimates include an hourly cost for labor and materials. The total amount of hours is then tacked onto the estimate at the end of the project for the final total. 

This is the most convenient and accurate way to price this type of work, as we don’t want to over or underestimate the costs involved with the repair. 

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