Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint vs Benjamin Moore Ben

We recently finished reviewing all the entry-level premium products from three of the top paint brands: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. With our reviews complete, it’s time to stack these products side by side and see the pros and cons of each. 

Today we will be looking at Sherwin Williams SuperPaint vs Benjamin Moore Ben. We will compare the application, hide, coverage, durability, price, and availability of these two products. 

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Application refers to how smoothly the paint flows off the brush. Between Superpaint and Ben, Superpaint is easier to apply. Benjamin Moore’s product is a lot looser, which means it feels a bit runny as you’re painting. This makes it easier to splatter and harder to control overall. 

Coverage is also an important factor to consider, but we will touch on that below. 

As for overall application, Superpaint takes the win here. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Superpaint


Hide refers to the paint’s ability to obscure imperfections on the surface. In terms of overall results, Ben Moore certainly looks better. With Superpaint, you can more clearly see the individual grooves and bumps of the wall, whereas it looks more uniform on the Ben sample. 

Hide can also be determined by the sheen. The higher the sheen is, the more noticeable any flaws in the wall will be. 

If covering up imperfections is a priority for you, Benjamin Moore is the better choice. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore


Coverage refers to how effectively the paint can cover a surface. Benjamin Moore handily wins here. With one coat, Benjamin Moore’s Ben covers the vast majority of the surface. Superpaint covers well too, but there are noticeably more pinholes in the coat and it thins out well before Ben does. 

Better coverage means you will need less paint to complete a job. That’s balanced out by Ben’s higher price, which we will touch on in a second. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Benjamin Moore will go a lot further per gallon than Superpaint. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore


We did a number of durability tests when we painted our test samples. We tried scuffing the walls with our hands and feet (which creates burnishing), and we applied a wet rag and a magic eraser to the samples. Magic erasers are particularly brutal for paint because they are chemically abrasive, and you shouldn’t use them at all when cleaning your walls

As for the results, Ben held up the best. The scuffing wasn’t as noticeable on the Ben product compared to Superpaint, and more of the Sherwin Williams product came off with the magic eraser than Ben. 

If you’re looking for the most durable product possible, Benjamin Moore’s Ben is a great option. 

Winner: Benjamin Moore


At retail price, Sherwin Willaims Superpaint and Benjamin Moore’s Ben cost about the same. However, if you are going through a contractor like Heritage (which is always better than doing it yourself), the Sherwin Williams product is going to be noticeably cheaper. Sherwin Williams offers greater bulk discounts to contractors, which means the overall cost for the consumer will be much lower when going with a contractor.

That means – even when you factor in Ben Moore’s great coverage – their product is still quite a bit pricier. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams


While this doesn’t directly relate to the quality of the paint, availability is also an important factor. Depending on where you live, Benjamin Moore products can be substantially harder to find. In Indiana (where we are located), for example, there are only a handful of Benjamin Moore stores compared to the plethora of Sherwin Williams locations. 

Since Benjamin Moore isn’t as readily available as Sherwin Williams products, they are quite a bit more expensive to obtain, which further adds to the cost of an already expensive product. 

That makes Sherwin Williams the best option if you’re looking to get a product quickly and easily. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams


It’s a bit of a toss-up in this Superpaint vs Ben comparison. In terms of sheer quality, Benjamin Moore’s Ben is a standout product in this category. However, its higher price and lower availability (in certain regions) make it harder to justify. While it’s objectively better, it’s harder to say whether that quality difference is worth the additional money and headaches that come with it. 

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