Heritage Painting Talks Professionalism on Wish-TV 8

Jason Humrichous – founder and co-owner of Heritage Painting, had another interview on WISH TV-8 this past week, this time on the Business, Equity, and Opportunity segment. He spent a good chunk of the segment talking about professionalism in the contracting world, and how Heritage is raising the bar on what to expect from contractors. 

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“There’s a very small percentage of people who want to professionalize the industry,” he said. “…We want to answer the phone call when it rings. We want to solve your problems. We want to get you scheduled quickly and in a timely fashion. We want to then do that project in a timely fashion.” 

Delivering an excellent customer experience is the most important thing at Heritage Custom Painting. That’s why we stick to our tried and true process, and we even help clients with the most difficult problems, such as picking the right color

“We want people to enjoy the experience of working with us…so we really want to serve people where they are at, and in a professional way.” 

Excellent customer service isn’t the only thing that Heritage raises the bar on. The construction and contracting industries have little in the way of benefits, especially when compared to white-collar jobs. 

“We have not only the external clients…but internal clients too. And those clients are our staff who serve the company. How do we professionally serve them? Well, we give them days off…a 401K that they can tap into.”

Heritage isn’t alone in its journey to make the painting industry more professional. We are a proud part of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA), and they are having a positive impact on the industry at large. 

“The PCA is doing a really great job…of making things more professional, and we are part of those education programs.” 

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