The 4 Steps of the Heritage Painting Process

So you have finally decided to tackle the painting project you have been putting off, and now begins a line of what seems like endless decisions. The stress over the painting process starts to set in and you are thinking about putting it off yet again.

Heritage Painting has an onboarding process in place guiding you every step of the way to remove all that anxiety.  We are with you from the first call into our office through the end of your project and beyond.  

The Heritage Custom Painting Process 


The first step of our onboarding process is to call the Heritage Custom painting office. You will be greeted by our courteous office staff. We will first ask about your project and make sure that we are a good fit for your exact project.  Then, some personal information (such as email, phone number, address, etc.) will be obtained in order to schedule your consultation. 

The office staff will let you know who you will be meeting and what time and day they will arrive. After the phone call, you can expect a few emails and text messages to come your way explaining more about Heritage, how we do things, confirm the appointment, and what to expect along the way.  


Your project consultant will arrive at the agreed-upon time and will ask about your specific needs on the project. No two homes are the same, so expect some questions to be asked (don’t worry there will not be a test at the end). 

This is also a great time for you to ask any questions you might have, like how paint protects your home or whether or not it’s worth it to paint brick.

Once we have a good understanding of your specific needs, we can then look over your job, take pictures, take measurements, and do anything else needed to compile your estimate.  For most projects, our consultants can figure the estimate the same day while at your home. We will go over the estimate line by line to make sure we are all on the same page and nothing has been missed.  After this, we move on to acceptance.


At this point in the onboarding process, we have gone over the estimate and we are ready to move forward. If we have figured the estimate on-site, your sales consultant will work with you on accepting our proposal through the personal portal you will have access to through email. 

If you have decided to wait, you will have that same portal access through email and can accept your project at any time. Once the acceptance is received, we will need to get your 10% deposit and get colors picked out to reserve your spot on the schedule. 

Heritage Painting schedules clients in the order they come through the above steps.  

This is also the point where we will start talking in depth about what colors you might want.


Great you have accepted!  At this point, your project will be assigned a project manager, and you will receive an email introducing this person along with all their contact information.  The project manager will be your direct contact for the remainder of your painting project. 

First, they will make sure the deposit is in and that colors are selected. These two items are crucial as to not delay your project.  After the introduction, the project manager will communicate with you and let you know how many projects are ahead of yours and keep you informed on when your start date will be. 

You can expect, at a minimum, direct communication with your project manager every Friday.  If you have hard start dates, these can be communicated with your project manager and every reasonable effort will be made to hit your date.  

And those are the main steps to get started with Heritage Custom Painting. If you have a paint project you have been putting off, now is the perfect time to do it.

If you still have questions, you can also look at our post discussing what to look for when hiring a contractor.

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