The Best Paint Colors For Wood Siding

Wood siding is excellent because of its natural and textured look. You can always enhance this look with a fresh coat of paint. But what is the best paint color for wood siding? Today we will give you some great choices and provide some pictures from our clients.

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Sherwin Williams Oak Creek

 An excellent color for wood because it has many of the same color properties. This yellow-brown provides a rich and deep color that accentuates the natural look of the wood. It’s also a neutral color that looks good with lighter accents like white and gray. This color is recommended for those who don’t want anything too different from the original aesthetic of the wood siding.

Sherwin Williams Song Thrush

 Another yellow-brown that leans more toward beige. This is a great color if you’re looking for a color that closely matches the look of lighter-colored wood like pine. As a neutral color, white and gray accents look great with this color, and the natural grain of the wood will still show through this color.

Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist

This is a great color for wood because it is a soft, light gray that resembles ash and other light-colored wood. It definitely falls in the “greige” category, which makes it an excellent option for light or dark accents. This is an excellent option for those wanting a somewhat natural color that will highlight the natural qualities of the siding.

Grizzly Gray

If you’re looking to go in a totally different direction, Sherwin Williams Grizzly Gray does exactly that. This is a deep charcoal gray that is moody and dramatic. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to make your home stand out. Add in some white highlights to get some stark contrast. Grizzly Gray is a dark color, but it isn’t so dark that you won’t see the natural texture of the wood.

If you want something even deeper than Grizzly Gray, we recommend Peppercorn. This is another deep neutral gray, and it pairs very well with light accents. This is a perfect color to give your home a high-class look and feel, but the dark hue may mask some of the wood’s natural properties.

Red Bay by Sherwin Williams

This is a great color for wood because it is a rich, warm shade of red that provides a bold and dramatic look. If you’re looking for something that really pops, then this is the color for you. This deep red is incredibly vibrant in the sunlight, making it an eye-catching choice. It’s an excellent option for barns and sheds as well!


 is another deep and dark color from Sherwin Williams. This color, as the name implies, has a green undertone that ever so slightly evokes nature, making it a no-brainer dark color for wood siding. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for something unique yet sophisticated.

Extra White

Whites are excellent options for home exterior colors, and it doesn’t get any whiter than Extra White from Sherwin Williams. As a pure white pigment, this color will show dirt and wear a bit more, which means it will need regular maintenance and cleaning. However, for a bright and eye-catching color, this is as white as it gets.

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