The Best Paint Colors For Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a popular siding choice, but it does come with a few drawbacks. The most obvious one is if you paint vinyl with standard exterior paint, you run the risk of ruining it completely. If the paint has black pigment, it will soak up the UV rays and warp the vinyl beneath it. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the vinyl entirely. That’s why you will always want to paint a lighter color over vinyl siding.

Alternatively, you will want to use a vinyl-safe paint color. Today, we will review the best paint colors for vinyl siding and show some projects with those colors. 

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PPG French Cream is a warm cream color that will give your home exterior an inviting aesthetic. The soft hue creates a cozy atmosphere, which is why it’s a popular choice among homeowners. Cream is always a good color option for home exteriors, and it is particularly good for vinyl siding because it doesn’t cause the warping issue mentioned above. 


If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and stylish, Benjamin Moore New Hope Gray is a lovely option. This cool-toned blue-gray color offers a sleek and sophisticated look that adds depth to the home’s exterior. Benjamin Moore’s Gennex Color Technology also ensures the color will last for years to come. 


Green is a popular color for home exteriors, and Sherwin Williams Tee Off is an excellent vinyl-safe option. This color is a refreshing tone that is simultaneously eye-catching and relaxing. It’s the perfect color if you want your home to resemble leisurely weekends out on the green. 


Red is among the most popular colors for exteriors, mostly because of how striking and vibrant it is. However, deep red colors are not always ideal for vinyl siding because the dark hue can be bad for the vinyl. That’s not the case with Benjamin Moore Deep Rose, which has been specially formulated for vinyl siding. This color pairs well with whites, blacks, and light grays. 

If you want something that will make your home stand out, Deep Rose is among your best options. 


Dark grays are excellent color options for home exteriors because they are sophisticated and never go out of style. However, they usually contain some black pigment, which is terrible for the vinyl beneath. Sherwin Williams Pepper Shaker is a vinyl safe dark gray, which makes it an excellent option if you want a darker choice for your vinyl siding. 


Of course, going pure white is always a great option for vinyl. You don’t run the risk of warping vinyl, and white is one of the most common color choices for home exteriors. Sherwin Williams Extra White is an excellent option from Sherwin Williams, but there are pure white options from the other major brands as well. Pure white like this does take a bit more maintenance, as it will more easily show dirt. However, after some simple cleaning, the effort is well worth the final result. 

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