Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Are you wondering if you should paint vinyl siding on your house? Maybe it is starting to fade, or perhaps you’re wanting to update your home’s exterior look so you can sell it. Those are two great reasons why you should paint your home, but perhaps you have heard that you can’t paint vinyl siding. Is that true?

The answer is no! You can absolutely paint vinyl siding. If it is in good condition, then painting it can refresh your home’s appearance and increase your home’s value. If the vinyl siding is damaged then we recommend you replace it. 


There is however one simple rule that must be followed: 

Only paint vinyl siding a similar or lighter color to the current color

This is a must because darker colors can cause overheating. Darker colors absorb heat which makes them hotter and more likely to buckle or warp. 

On a home, this can look like the paint is failing, but that is not the truth. What is actually happening is the UV rays are heating up the vinyl, causing it to buckle. Because of this concern, it’s vital that you let a professional handle the job

There is one caveat to all this. If you hire a professional service (like us), they can only warranty colors that are certified Vinyl-safe from the paint manufacturer. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick a different color, but you are doing so at your own risk. 

Before and after pictures showing what a difference it can make when you paint vinyl siding.


Once you select a paint color, you will need to choose a specific paint brand. Although it can be tempting, don’t try to save money by purchasing the least expensive can of paint. For a paint project to look good and last, the product needs to be applied appropriately. Most premium paint products contain a few specific qualities:

Paint for vinyl siding contains acrylic and urethane resins. These ingredients accommodate for expansion and contraction of the vinyl siding and help the paint to stick. The paint should also provide weather protection, resistance to mold and mildew, fading, and cracking

We recommend PPG Acri-Shield Max Exterior and Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior. We love Acri-Shield Max in particular. This product sticks to vinyl better than any other product we have tested. Plus Acri-Shield Max has best-in-class hide and coverage, and the 7-year Portersept Mildew Warranty puts it a step above the rest of the industry.  

As always, hire a trusted professional who provides you with a warranty and has lots of experience and knowledge. 

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