Addressing Your Carpentry Needs Before The Job Begins

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, proper preparation is key. Without it, the final result may not look as good as it could, and the paint may not last as long as it should. That’s why Heritage Painting offers carpentry inspection and repair services as part of our process to ensure that your home is fully prepared before our crew arrives.

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As a way to continually serve our clients the best way possible, Heritage Painting has introduced a new Value Added Service: Carpenter Inspection and Repair. 


Once you have accepted our proposal and agreed to work, the Inspector will set up a time to come assess the quality of the woodwork on the home exterior. He will mark off any problem areas with chalk or tape, and then provide a precise quote for the repair work. 

Before introducing this service, we would quote our clients the hourly rate for carpentry work and tag the total onto the price at the end of the project. Now our clients will know exactly what the cost will be before we ever begin work. 

Our carpentry inspector will look at major exterior systems including:

  • Sheet board
  • Chimney trim
  • Fascia 
  • Horizontal trim
  • Soffits
  • Garage trim
  • Gable trim
  • Post wraps
  • And more

These services also include caulking any gaps. Proper caulking before painting protects all the wood, including the new carpentry. 

This service is complimentary for our clients who have agreed to the proposal. If you want the inspection done before accepting, there is a $250 fee. 


After the client has received the carpentry quote, they can either agree to have us do it or hire another contractor to complete the work. Choosing someone else is totally valid, but our services are priced very competitively. It may be possible to hire a handyman to do the work for cheaper, but the work will not have the same satisfaction guarantee that we or a contractor can provide. 

If you choose to forgo the work, we can still complete the paint job, but you will lose any warranty that would otherwise come with the work. When we paint over wood surfaces that should have been replaced, the paint will typically fail within a year. 

Once you have agreed to let us do the repairs, our carpentry team will set a time to return and complete the work. 


Our carpentry services are only for cosmetic repairs. If there is structural work that needs to be done on the home, that will need to be taken care of before we can begin any kind of work on the house. Our inspector will be able to tell you on the spot whether or not we are able to do the work.

This is a service we provide for all clients, and it helps us deliver the consistent high-quality results we strive for. Here’s how it will work. 

Don’t let damaged wood or siding ruin the look of your home. Contact Heritage Painting today for a free estimate on exterior painting. Our experienced technicians can address most cosmetic carpentry issues, and we provide other complementary services including color consulting and virtual rendering. Fill out the form below and fall in love with your home again today.

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