How Soon Could You Get Started On This Project?

Our Project Consultants love answering questions for our clients, but we hear a few more than any others. “How soon could you get started on my project?” “How far out are you on projects at the moment?” It’s natural to want to get going on your project as soon as possible, so we are happy to answer. 

A quick and simple answer is about three weeks. However, we at Heritage Custom Painting pride ourselves on providing reliable and accurate information at every step of our process, so we will regularly update you on where you are in the queue.  

Your project is as important to us as it is to you. Your Project Consultant will discuss the expected timeframe of your project to further anticipate and plan for your individual needs.    

Here are a few things to know if you’re wondering how soon we can start on your project. 

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Heritage Custom Painting’s policy is to schedule projects in the order in which the estimates are accepted and confirmed. That means the sooner you accept the job, the sooner we can get out to it.  

With that being said, there are several factors to consider other than when you accept. 

There are three main factors in determining when Heritage Custom Painting can get started on your project. These are:

  1. Your acceptance of the estimate
  2. Confirmation of your color choices
  3. the receipt of your deposit

When all three of the above items are completed ultimately determines where your project lands on our schedule. Simply stated, the sooner these three items are confirmed, the sooner your project moves to the head of the line. 


While the three factors above are the bare minimum to getting your project scheduled, we also weigh other significant factors into the equation. 

Other factors that we take into consideration are weather conditions, product availability, and your readiness to begin the project. We work with you at every step of the process to establish an agreed-upon schedule. 


Heritage Custom Painting offers many consulting services to help get your project started. For example, if you need our help confirming your color selections, we can offer some tips and utilize professional tools to match your current colors. 

We can even provide color samples so you can physically see them before the colors are applied to your walls. In addition, we offer a Virtual Color Rendering service for exterior projects so you can visualize what the color will look like on your home. 


Once you decide to move forward with your painting project, and the three major factors above (acceptance, color choices, and deposit) are completed, one of our Project Managers will work closely with you to plan the start date of your project. 

For example, if the weather has affected the start of exterior projects, they will move projects around and assign our professional painting technicians to other projects that are in line and ready to move ahead. The Project Managers will remain in constant weekly or daily contact with you throughout your project. 

Now is the perfect time to request a free estimate and get your project underway. Exterior season is in full swing, and you will want to book your spot fast before our schedule fills for the year. Fill out the form below to get a free estimate on your exterior, interior, or kitchen cabinet project today.     

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