Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs Superpaint

Today we will compare Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Superpaint. These are two of the highest quality products from Sherwin Williams. However, there are some notable differences between the two that you should know. We will look at the coverage, hide, durability, and price to determine which product is best for your home. 

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Coverage refers to how much surface area a paint can cover per gallon. Superpaint and Emerald are both rated to cover 350-400 square feet per gallon. That means on paper they cover the same, however, we feel like Emerald doesn’t quite meet that metric. We think it’s closer to 300 square feet. 

First-coat coverage is not necessarily the most important thing to consider, though. You will always want two coats of paint to get the best sheen and color. More coats allow the paint to shell up better, making a more durable and smoother finish. 

However, in terms of sheer coverage, Superpaint does edge out Emerald. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Superpaint


Hide refers to the paint’s ability to mask flaws in the surface, creating a uniform finish. Both of these paints do very well leveling out the surface without making the wall seem artificially flat. Hide can also be affected by the sheen. The higher the sheen, the more noticeable those flaws will be. 

You will be satisfied with the hide on these products regardless of which one you pick. 

Winner: Tie


Durability is where you see the biggest difference between these two products (other than the price). Both of these products are very durable, but Emerald absolutely comes out on top. We tested the durability by scuffing the paint with our feet, burnishing it, and even scrubbing it with a magic eraser. That last one, in particular, is bad for paint, and you should never clean painted walls that way. 

While Superpaint held up pretty well, with only a few scuffs and marks from the eraser, Emerald showed virtually no signs of wear and tear. Emerald also has built-in mold and mildew resistance, making it a great option for bathrooms or humid areas. 

How long the paint will last is also a factor in the paint’s durability. Superpaint is rated to last three to five years before losing its color and shine. Emerald is rated to last 10-12 years. Both paints will stay on longer than those periods, but they won’t be quite as vibrant. 

When it comes to durability, though, Emerald is the clear winner. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Emerald


Superpaint retails for $60 per gallon, and Emerald costs $75 per gallon. That means if you want the cheaper option, Superpaint is the way to go. However, for only $15 more per gallon, it’s hard not to justify simply upgrading to Emerald. You get a better product that is more durable and will last a lot longer. 

Plus, when you work with painting contractors like Heritage, you can often get discounted pricing where the paint is far below the retail cost. That means you can save money and get a better product. Even though Superpaint is technically cheaper, Emerald is worth the upgrade and more than justifies its cost. 

Winner: Sherwin Williams Emerald


Sherwin Williams Emerald is our favorite paint, and it’s easy to see why. It’s priced competitively, is incredibly durable, and will last for a very long time. If you can get a discount through your paint contractor, it only becomes more compelling. 

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