How Do You Prep a Home Interior?

Painting your home interior can be a stressful situation, especially if you are currently living in the home. How are you going to keep paint off the carpet? What if one of your family heirlooms is knocked over? What if you put all this work in, and the paint fails?

As professional painters, Heritage Custom Painting takes all of these things and more into consideration. Here are just a few of the ways we protect your home and guarantee the highest quality results. 


Protecting your home and personal belongings is probably the most important piece of prepwork for homeowners. We start prepping by asking the homeowner to remove all items from the area being painted. 

Our staff will take care of large furniture that cannot be moved. We will move the furniture to the middle of the room and cover the furniture with plastic drop cloths. This will ensure the paint does not touch your belongings.

Sand & Patch

When the work area has been cleared to start, we begin preparing the walls & trim in the room by cleaning, patching holes, sanding, and caulking any gaps in trim. These steps are monumental in the painting process because if we did not address the imperfections in the walls & trim, they would continue to show through the freshly painted surface when the project is completed.

By taking these necessary steps, our painters have a clean work area, we eliminate the chance of getting paint on unneeded surfaces, we address the areas that would hinder our quality of work, and we ultimately expedite the painting process; allowing for us to finish projects on time or even ahead of schedule. Prep work matters to us at Heritage Painting, and it should matter to anyone wanting their house painted professionally.

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