5 Examples of Houses With Black Trim

Trim is an important component for any home’s exterior. The trim frames in the primary color of the home, and it can either blend with the elements around it or provide contrast to make the color pop.

The traditional color for exterior trim is white, and you can find white trim on just about any home. Brown trim is also popular on homes with masonry or earthy tones.

Black trim is starting to become popular, though, and it’s a great way to boost the appearance of white siding.

Below are some examples of black trim being used on a home exterior. If you are considering painting your home white or another bright color, it’s certainly an option worth considering.

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This project was an interesting refresh that radically changed the appearance of the home. The exterior started with some natural green tones, and ended with an off white color with lovely black trim. The colors used were PPG Off White for the siding and PPG Starless Sky for the trim.

The Off White is light without being overpowering, which can be an issue when painting home exteriors white. The Starless Sky trim neatly borders it in too for a warm and inviting appearance.

Painting brick exteriors has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and utilizing back trim can help accent the unique texture of the masonry combined with the paint. This home is a great example of that. It’s also a great example of how black paint pairs with neutral tones other than white.

The black gazebo area in particular is striking.

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This house got a refresh going from beige to PPG Statue Garden, a nice mid-tone gray. That’s trimmed in with PPG Black Magic, and the result is a striking and classy look. The black color is more present here and is applied on both the brick lower sections and the garage doors as well. The end result still draws out the Statue Garden color and ultimately creates a very cohesive look.

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This project has a classic high-contrast look that is always timeless and classy looking. It’s a brick exterior that has been painted entirely white with Sherwin Williams Pure White, and it’s accented with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black on the trim, porch area, and window trim.

This is the quintessential look for houses with black trim on the exterior, and it’s clear just from looking at it why it’s a popular choice.

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Here’s another great example of black exterior trim. The color chosen here is a very desaturated green with black trim. There is also a brown color on the deck area for some added variety. The end result is something incredibly striking, and the black helps separate the different systems and draw the eye to the most interesting parts of the home (like the turret).

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